Six on Saturday (26 May 2018)

1. The foxgloves are beginning to come into their own in the garden right now. These are in the front garden. They pretty much do their own thing, with a bit of minor intervention from time to time if they’re not growing in the most sensible of places (usually the gravel path).

2. Spotted these this morning, again in the front garden. Not the tallest of Sweet William specimens and I suspect the lack of light from the Coronilla might be to blame (the others are looking taller but haven’t flowered yet). They’re grown new from seed each year. Which reminds me, I need to sow next year’s batch.

Talking of the Coronilla. This seemed to be a victim of its own success. It was a show of yellowy, scented splendour by the front door from October through to April. But with the weight from all the new growth and a spell of wind and rain it started to topple over, the branches losing all of their strength, and no amount of support seemed to help it. A light pruning didn’t make any difference. Neither did a more thorough one. So, against all the advice I’d read, I hacked most of it down to the ground last month. I felt rather bad initially but it seems to have new shoots coming, so, fingers crossed, maybe all’s not lost.

3. The first of the roses to flower (again in the front garden) and it has a fantastic scent. Alas, I’ve no idea what it is as I’ve lost the tag. It was purchased from Kelways though.

4. The Ox-eye daisy has just started to flower in the back. It can tend to go a bit mad after it goes to seed but I tend to use them as cut flowers (they look good in a bud vase) and I’m a bit ruthless with the seedlings.

5. Another rose with a great lemony scent: Margaret Merril. The second rose to come into bloom in the past week.

6. Another anonymous plant. My mum (always a great source of free green leaf-ed things) provided me with this small creeping geranium from her garden up in North Wales. One small creeping geranium has now become three small creeping geraniums and it’s starting to provide attractive groundcover.

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12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (26 May 2018)

    1. Thanks. My jaw hit the ground when I saw the photos of the herbacious border and hedge!


    1. Thanks. The geranium is proving to be a great addition to the garden. I do hope your plumb tree makes it.


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