Six on Saturday (15 June 2018)

It’s been a week since I set foot in the garden having spent a week in Cornwall, walking, eating, boating, eating, crazy golfing, eating, shopping and err, more eating. The picture above is a view from Lamorran House Gardens which are well worth a visit if you’re ever in St Mawes and it’s a Wednesday or Friday.The garden doesn’t seem to have faired too badly during my week off. All the pots are doing well (my mother-in-law has been in charge of watering duties) but overall the garden does seem very parched and the water level of the pond has fallen a few inches. The builders are still at work and there have been a few foxglove casualties. Other plants have also taken a bit of a bashing in the wind this afternoon which has led me to the conclusion that I really need to get more plant supports, though I come to this same conclusion every year. Anyway, here are my Six on Saturday…

1. The Philadelphus ‘Manteau d’Hermine’ was looking a little ropey earlier this year but it’s not looking too bad right now. A lovely compact mock orange that’s ideal for a small garden. Wonderful scent too.

2. The purple Jacob’s ladder has colonised the shadey area at the front of the conservatory over the past few years. I moved a couple of them 2 weeks ago as they were in the direct path of the builders (they wouldn’t have stood a chance!) and this one seems to be doing okay in its more sunny location. Hopefully it’ll seed itself in this part of the garden too. The bees and hoverflies love it and you usually get a second lot of flowers later in the summer if you chop it back.

3. The Sweet Williams in the back garden are in full flower now, and I’ve just realised I still haven’t sown any for next year. Here are a selection…

4. Now the next plant nearly brought my post holiday zen to a grinding halt within minutes of returning home today (this de-grumpified zen state normally lasts until 10 minutes into the first day back at work). It’s supposed to be a Daphne x transatlantica ‘Pink Fragrance’ and it was purchased online a month ago as the ‘Eternal Fragrance’ has done so well in the garden. It was going to be planted next to the back door after the building work was finished. Now it may be going back from whence it came. The flowers are clearly white……and it looks suspiciously like the Daphne x transatlantica ‘Eternal Fragrance’ which is in full flower now and filling the garden with its flutey scent. What do you think? It’s the same plant isn’t it?5. The nursery is all safe and sound. A few fat aphids were beginning to get cosy on the lupins but otherwise they’re doing okay. There are snapdragons and scabious and also some Linaria Marccana and purple zinnias (both free with the Garden News). I usually sow far too many seeds but I’ve been more restrained this year. The swing seat is rarely available to sit on during the early summer months as it provides the more vulnerable young plants the best protection from slugs and snails (I think it’s too much hassle for them to bother making the long journey up the legs, along the metal hooks and down the hanging poles).6. And finally, a penstemon. Sour Grapes I think. A daft name for a lovely looking plant!Want to join in with the Six on Saturday posts but not sure how? Then visit the site of the chap who started it all over at


16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (15 June 2018)

  1. Philadelphus are so reliable and wonderfully fragrant. Yours is lovely. Perhaps it is the same Daphne. That dreaded nursery mislabeling stuff happening again.I am envious of your pots of lupine and so wishing I had sown plenty in the fall. On the list for this fall!

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    1. There’s no sign of buds on those I have planted yet. I’m not sure how long it takes for lupins to flower. I hope they make it through to next year if this is the case!

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    1. Thanks Ali. My late father in-law law was a big fan and we like to have them in the garden in memory of him and also because they’re such a lovely plant and easy to grow. You’re right, they have a great scent. And your comment has reminded me that I’m supposed to sow some this afternoon ready for next year!


  2. We did Cornwall last week, too. I am keeping a note of your Philadelphus – in my Six-on-Saturday, you can see that I have very few blooms but a huge, unsightly shrub. I am hoping my penstemon will feature in flower next week.

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    1. Thanks. I’m having issues with the larger Philadelphus. It’s a mass of flowers but rather gangly. It’ll be chopped back as soon as it’s finished. I think it’s the older branches that flower so it may be a bit bare next year. News just in on the Daphne! The online nursery have been in touch and are sending another one, so fingers crossed it will be pink!


  3. I grow both those Daphne varieties, side by side, they aren’t very different I’m sorry to say. Different enough to know they’re not the same thing, but that’s about it. You could have dropped in while you were down in Cornwall, seen for yourself.

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    1. Drat. Still, I can live with a little bit different and more of that Daphne scent is no bad thing. You live in a wonderful part of the country. I worked there for a brief time many years ago and holiday there fairly often.


  4. I sowed Sweet Williams for the first time in years last year and they are looking great. Similarly, my F-in-L always grew them on the edge of the veg plot and always picked some for me when he came to visit. Lovely memories.
    Great idea with the swing seat!

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    1. Lovely memories indeed. Found a very small slug under one of the pots on the swing seat yesterday evening (a zinnia had been nibbled) so not completely safe (unless it was already in the compost), but they fare much better here than in the mini greenhouse.


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