Six on Saturday (11 August 2018)

The garden is still looking a little sad, though after a bit of rain (with more forecast over the next few days) perhaps things will begin to perk up a bit. It’s not great timing though as my mum’s coming down to stay for a few days and I’d planned the odd trip out to a garden or two! Ah well. As I’ve whinged about the lack of rain for months now I have absolutely no right to complain.


Thank goodness for the zinnias. They’ve been one of the most successful plants in the back garden this summer. They seem to have thrived on all the sun and as they’re in a pot they’ve had a daily watering and a weekly feed. And big news, we actually had butterflies on the butterfly bush earlier in the week; a red admiral and a painted lady (I think). However, neither the zinnias or the buddleia are part of my Six on Saturday this week.

1. I have a soft spot for yellowish Crocosmia and usually end up buying one at the Taunton Flower Show each year. I think this one is Columbus.

And this one, Jackanapes, was purchased at last Saturday’s Flower Show. I’m not sure where it’s going yet as it tends to clash with everything. Looking at this photo though I’ve just relalised it goes rather well with the brickwork. Hmm…

2. Possibly one of my most favourite plants of all next, the viola. These seem to have seeded themselves from last Autumn’s batch and are very welcome wherever they choose to call home.

They’re perfection in miniature and they’ll add a welcome splash of colour come the winter.

3. This is a mystery plant that’s growing in a pot with the white perennial corn flower. Weed, wildflower or legit garden plant? I’ve no idea. It’s rather nice though and the bees like it.

4. A hardy fuchsia that still hasn’t forgiven me for moving it in the Spring. It used to get over four-foot high and wide and was always covered with flowers throughout the summer and into the Autumn.

It’s now in a shadier spot and this, combined with the lack of rain, probably hasn’t helped its disposition.

5. Another purchase at this year’s Taunton Flower Show; a Didiscus caeruleus (or Blue Lace Flower). I must admit I thought this was a perennial and wouldn’t have bought it had I known it was an annual.

However, it likes hot dry sites and apparently seeds itself ‘elegantly’ (whatever that means), so hopefully it might do well in the front garden.

6. And finally, I sowed some mixed red, white and pale purple scabious earlier in the year and some of them have started to flower. This is the first of the white ones. It opens gradually…

And ends up all nice and shaggy.

It’s very popular with the bees and hoverflies too. Fingers crossed there’ll be one or two red flowers soon.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (11 August 2018)

  1. I agree about violas. I have them flowering in my garden right now on the other side of the world, and they don’t mind the heavy frosts they’ve had to withstand. You wouldn’t expect something so dainty to be so hardy.

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  2. Linaria purpurea, your mystery plant, probably qualifies as weed, wildflower and legit garden plant, depending on your tastes and your garden. As a wildflower it’s a naturalised garden escapee. For me it’s too rampant and I treat it as a weed.

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    1. Excellent. Thanks for the identification. I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it goes. It’s near the wildlife pond so may be okay there.


  3. Unlike Jim, I allow Linaria some free reign. Both pink and purple grow here, and their height gives interest. They also pull rather easily, so don’t be too worried.Your scabies is what mine dream of becoming!

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    1. I’ll let it do its thing for a bit and see what happens. Thanks for the advice. I’m sure your scabious will do well.


  4. My so call [cough] hardy fuchsias took a knock this spring and have yet to flower! I think I may need to do some uprooting of one or two though so they’ll probably sulk next year too. I’m not a huge fan of annuals either, but did purchase some this year including scabious – they are wonderful flowers, lasting for months and the bees and butterflies love them, so I shall definitely plant these again.

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  5. I’m w/March Picker on the purple toadflax (linaria). It self seeds, but no worse than valerian or verbena or,dare I say, crocosmia, & the willowy height does give such movement to the garden. Leave it where you like it, take it out where you don’t. Your scabiosa are gorgeous, so hope you do get some other colours. Hope you find a home for that 2nd crocosmia, btw. It’s a stunner.

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    1. That’s a shame. Never thought of growing crocosmia from seed. Almost bought another one this afternoon but I exercised a bit of will power, walked away and then bought something else instead!


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