Six on Saturday (25 August 2018)

A fairly quick Six on Saturday this week. Trying to capture six things in the garden over the past few days has been a bit of a nightmare as plants have danced about in the wind and the rain. My phone’s camera has struggled, but it has proved to be far more waterproof than I thought it was.

1. Physostegia virginiana ‘Miss Manners’. She’s much smaller than she’s been in previous years. She was moved in May as she was struggling to compete with a Penstemon and a Buddleia Buzz, but I think she may need a sunnier spot.

2. A Sedum. I appreciate this plant more and more each year. Every so often I find the odd seedling (I’m hoping for more to put in the front garden) and they’ve loved the hot dry summer.

It has a nice rounded form, almost shrub like, and I’m planning on digging this one up next year and planting it further back in the south-facing bed, under the tree, where other plants have struggled with the lack of moisture. It’s had a lovely glow about it in the evenings and it’s now starting to turn pink.

3. The rampant Clemantis montana got a good chopping back after if had finished flowering earlier in the summer but has grown back extremely quickly. I was surprised to see this flower though.

4. A few Six on Saturdays ago I included a white Scabious. I sowed a mixed pack of white and red flowers and I was beginning to think they were all going to turn out to be white. However, a red one has finally flowered. This was a nightmare to photograph in the breezy conditions, though at least the sun came out!

5. Graham Thomas has had a second flush of flowers. A bit of blue sky too.

6. And finally… a path. What was once a straight path leading to the patio suddenly looked rather shapeless after I roundified the lawn in April and it has been bugging me for ages.

Last Sunday I finally tackled it. Armed with trowel, spade, pickaxe and mallet I spent the day trying out different layouts and finally settled on this gently curving path. I think a few more plants might be needed to hide the patio a bit. I’m also wondering whether to purchase a small bistro chair or two as the view from here (which is a shady spot during hot sunny days) is looking rather nice now (apart from the washing line; I really should have removed it before taking the picture!)

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (25 August 2018)

    1. Thank you. I have a love/hate relationship with the washing line. I love how it leaves my clothes smelling fresh and clean after drying outside. I hate how it dictates the overall design of the garden and the height of nearby plants!


  1. I’m w/them – love the new path. Such a gentle curve, yet such a delightful feel to it. Looks like you kept most of the same planting scheme, as well. Amazing how different it looks. Your sedum’s looking really good. Mine’s never self seeded, just expanded. What a boon that is for you. That rose is gorgeous against the sky, as you say. And any scabiosa is lovely, but the dark reds ones do have a snap. Any of the 2 colours growing close together? If so, bet that mix looks great.

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    1. Cheers. I think I’ve spotted another red one in bud and it’s fairly close to a white one. I think I’m going to sow a mix of these ever year. They don’t seem too fussy.

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  2. Your sedum looks like ‘Autumn Joy’ to me, just about the only one in my garden that doesn’t lie around in a disgracefully languid fashion. The new path looks lovely, and the washing line barely noticeable. I wouldn’t have thought about it if you hadn’t mentioned it!

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  3. The new path looks lovely. Amazing how you managed to do this in a day when it has taken me a year to redesign my garden! Not sure about putting the sedum under a tree though, I thought they liked full sun? Maybe get something else for that location like an epimedium as they are most tolerant of dry shade.

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    1. Cheers. There was a bit of pondering the day before but no actual decisions or action until the Sunday. I should have spread it over a few days though as I suffered the following few days! I’m not finding it so easy to come up with the shape of the gravel area near the shed though. Spent all afternoon trying different designs and don’t like any of them.

      The bed where the sedum is gets full sun most of the day and the tree doesn’t provide any shade other than preventing much rain getting to anything underneath it, so hopefully it might be okay (famous last words!)

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  4. Your garden looks lovely!
    We have a love/hate relationship with Sedums in the Old House as my Hubbie hates Autumn. If he sees the Sedums getting redder, he gets cross!!i do love them though.

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    1. Thanks. It also provided a bit more soil to plant stuff in, always a bonus!According to janesmudgeegarden the sedum could be ‘Autumn Joy’.

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