Six on Saturday (1 September 2018)

Pinch, punch, first of the month, no return, white rabbits. When my wife first uttered these words to me one morning, early on in our relationship, I looked at her as if she’d gone slightly doolally. I’d never heard the expression before. Now it’s a competition to utter these words before the other one does. I usually lose.

I’m struggling to believe we’ve got to the 1 September already. Yet there’s no denying that the past few mornings have had a slight chill to them and there was condensation on the windscreen yesterday morning when I set off for work. Still, the garden seems to have had a new lease of life thanks to several weeks of cooler, damper conditions and it’s getting lusher and more colourful as the days go by. I’ve even had to cut the back lawn two weeks running, a task that is now fraught with danger as froglets appear from nowhere, narrowly missing the blades of my push mower. Anyway, on to the first of my Six on Saturday…

1. A sedum. This one’s in the front garden. They’re getting pinker by the day and the bees are loving them.

2. Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’. This is another plant growing in the front garden. It’s getting a little swamped by the sedum and a lavender and it tends to go unnoticed until it blooms.

3. Anemone hupehensis var japonica ‘Pamina’. At least that’s what I think it is after a bit of Googling (other search engines are available). It’s a lot smaller than the other varieties of windflower and I’m gradually splitting it to place elsewhere in the garden.

4. Another windflower. My mother-in-law gave us a number of these a few years ago, keen to be rid of them and warning us that we’d regret having them as they’d take over the garden. They never have. Not even a bit. Personally I prefer the white version, and I think we have one somewhere. However, only those growing in the shadier bed have flowered so far. Those planted elsewhere in the garden have suffered during the hot dry summer, and I’m thinking they may need moving.

5. I seem to include snapdragons in my Six on Saturday on a fairly regular basis, but they’re plants that keep on giving.

Grown from seed, they’ve really filled out during August and with regular deadheading just keep on flowering.

And the one that seeded itself in the driveway and fell victim to the builders back in June has recovered and is looking rather cheery. The ‘Hestercombe’ daisy is also starting to establish itself here too.

6. And finally, a little anonymous late flowering allium. I don’t have much success with alliums. Our soil is heavy clay and they tend to struggle. I think I bought this one at the Taunton Flower Show three or four years ago. It’s in the front garden and I’d given it up for dead a few years ago as I’d not seen any sign of it. It turns out that it had become swamped by the coronilla (I hadn’t realised how large it had become) and a lavender. I chopped the coronilla right back last April and a month or so later noticed the allium growing. I moved it to another spot in the front bed and it seems to be doing okay. It only has the one flower but I’m hoping it will improve with time.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (1 September 2018)

  1. I thought you had crept into my garden for your first two photos! My sedum is at the same stage and I am always surprised that the bees like it so much before it actually opens out into proper flowers! Interesting Six again.

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