Six on Saturday (13 October 2018)

A rather last-minute Six on Saturday today. Despite the lousy weather yesterday, Saturday hasn’t been as bad as originally forecast. Blustery but mainly dry, some sun and surprisingly balmy temperatures; I actually managed to get stuff done in the garden.

1. Our new shed is ready to be delivered and my wife and I spent a few hours this morning in a workshop down at the Shed place painting two of the panels that are going up against the fence.

The afternoon was spent cutting the grass and emptying the old shed. There was the odd manly shriek (largish shiny black spiders seem to like the damp and rotting conditions in there) but I’ve managed to cram everything into the blue shed for now.

2. The mini growhouse that used to be in this corner was dismantled later in the afternoon to make room for a tree. After the unfortunate demise of the original tree that was intended for this spot (see last week’s SOS) I’ve order a new one online. The soil is pretty poor (there’s a lot of gravel) so I’m going to have to do a bit of enriching with some organic matter.

The mini growhouse might be reassembled against the new shed, though I have my eye on a tiny lean-to aluminum and glass greenhouse…

3. There has been time to stop and stare though. The leaves of the cyclamens seem to have suddenly appeared.

4. There’s still quite a bit of colour in the garden and the Oxalis (recently split and distributed here and there) is flowering again.

5. The ‘Early Sunrise’ golden coreposis, grown from seed last year, is still going strong. Fingers are crossed that it will survive another winter.

6. And finally… The Cotoneaster horizontalis is hidden away in the shade by the house and I often forget it’s there. The bees love the tiny flowers and the blackbirds usually go for the berries. This one came from my mum’s garden up in Wales.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (13 October 2018)

  1. I love seeing all the plants on the blogs, but seeing the preparation for the new shed, the pile of pieces of the mini greenhouse give me a sense of gardening kinship. Gardening is more than just the pretty flowers.

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    1. It is indeed. Dismantling of the old shed and the assembly of the new shed happens on Wednesday. I’m hoping I’ve got the measurements correct as the door’s going on the side rather than the end (to make space for the mini greenhouse) and with the water butts close by it’ll be a tight fit. I may regret it!

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  2. I realised I missed your last Six, so I went back and read about your tree death, dwarf conifer dilemma and clothesline problem. I have a retractable clothesline which is never retracted and is a bit of an eyesore, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I loved reading your poem. How clever! Good luck with your new shed and fitting everything in.

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    1. The main issue I find with the clothesline is clearance. Unobstructed laundry drying is tricky in a small garden if you want to add a bit of height with plants. Out in the country people used to dry their clothes on hedges in the olden days. Fingers are crossed about the shed. Bit anxious about it.


      1. Thanks. I’ve ordered a Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’. It’s supposed to be small (2m x 2m in 20 years) and prunable. Sounds like it might be slow growing so I may need to be patient.

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  3. It tipped it down this morning but wasn’t too bad this afternoon. Managed to do some some late afternoon shrub moving and then realised I’d managed to store the watering can right at the back of the now crammed blue shed. Hindsight a wonderful thing.


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