Six on Saturday (23 February 2019)

Two years ago, when my wife and I were renewing our ‘Two Together’ discount railcard, the 30-something chap issuing the new card cheerily commented how it was great that such an offer existed for middle-aged couples. I’d just turned 41, only had the odd grey hair around the temples and thought I wasn’t aging too badly. And my wife? Well naturally she wasn’t aging at all! Surely middle age only kicked in at 50? Presuming I lived to be a 100. It came as a bitter blow. I mumbled thank you as he handed the railcard over and we walked away in a bit of a daze wondering what had just occurred. We were still young, damn it.

Last Saturday I spent the entire afternoon doing a bit of light gardening; moving the odd shrub I’d resisted moving back in October, tidying up the bed at the front of the house, chopping things back, mulching, digging up a few perennials (and promptly forgetting where I’d temporarily placed them prior to replanting) and a spot of watering. Before I knew it the sun was starting to set. It was time to call it a day. Unlocking the shed for a fourth time after discovering yet another tool I’d forgotten to put away, I was aware of a slight, oooh, twinge here and there and felt rather weary. The next morning I awoke with aching legs, arms and back. I’d overdone it and I thought back to the railway station chap’s remark two years ago. Perhaps there’s no denying it any longer. Maybe I am indeed <gulps> middle-aged. Then again, perhaps I’m just out of practice after the winter! Anyway, it’s Six on Saturday time.


1. One of the shrubs moved last Saturday was the Buddleia/Buddleja Buzz. It used to live in the square pot in the front garden but never did very well. A few years ago it was moved to the back garden but things were starting to get a bit crowded. Having decided to alter the planting scheme in the South facing front garden (things tend to get frazzled come midsummer) the Buzz has returned to the front, but in the ground this time. I’ll give it a hard prune in March.

2. The garlic is looking well. Fingers crossed things are doing just as well beneath the compost.

3. The dwarf conifer has been moved from the bed containing the new Hibiscus to the bed at the front of the conservatory in an attempt to provide a bit more shrubby structure. It can be a tad shady here and most gardening books seem to suggest conifers prefer a sunny location. I’m not entirely sure how happy it’ll be. We’ll see.

4. Possibly the most visually pleasing and thrilling SoS of all time. Prepare to be awed…

This hardy fuchsia, once a 3 foot annual show of unstoppable floweryness, was moved last Spring to a shadier spot and failed to do much of anything, barely growing more than a foot and offering but a few sporadic flowers. It’s been moved again, this time to the sunny back border. I’m not very hopeful.

5. Remember those miniature iris I came home with last week?

They got planted on Sunday (after I’d done several pre-gardening warm up stretches) and by the middle of last week had all opened.

6. And finally… The first daffodils have started to flower. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of sun has made. Just a few days ago the dwarf daffs were still in bud…

And now they’re in full bloom…

And they were my Six on Saturday. If you’d like to join in (and you know you want to) head over to the site of the chap who started it all over at where you’ll find guidance on how to participate and links to other Six on Saturdays from all over the World.


23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (23 February 2019)

  1. I’ve been suffering from ‘middle age ache’ too this week! We have built a new raised bed and just digging out the area was bloody tiring! Ooh my back……Hubbie and I did comment that it’s good for us whilst hobbling round. Today? We’re off to visit a garden instead……..have a great weekend.

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    1. Very sensible! I came back with plants from a trip into town. One purchase was planned. The other three were not. Ah well. Have a great weekend too.


  2. We wouldn’t dream of undertaking any other form of exercise without warming up first. I think we just go in the garden to do one taks but just continue …

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  3. Occasionally I meet my sister at Cribbs Causeway to have a coffee, *try on a few clothes, have another coffee*…repeat from* to * several times. I have been known to comment “Does this top/skirt/dress make me look rather middle-aged?” To which she has the nerve to reply “You wish!!” Hey-ho. Never mind, I will go and sit down after seeing your thrilling No:4, too much excitement is not good at my age! Enjoyable Six, as usual.

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    1. Thanks. Siblings! I visited Cribbs Causeway once with two housemates (girls) years ago. They decided we’d split up and rendezvous at 12pm for lunch ‘and then we’ll do the second floor’. It was a very long day.


    1. I think the iris are my favourites at the moment. I guess the plants get to enjoy a different view of the garden every so often!


  4. Your railway card story is a good one, as are the minor aches and pains. I’m sure I’m not the onle one who can relate. Love seeing the blooming bulbs — the colors are such a mood booster! As for the Fuchsia — that’s a shame. It happened to me once when I moved a thriving Photinia to an even better spot. It then died a slow, mocking death the rest of that Summer.

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    1. I think the Daphne Odora is doing the slow mocking death thing. It really hasn’t liked being moved. Although it is flowering which is odd. One last final hurrah?!


  5. We are only as old as we feel 🙂 But when it comes to gardening and we are on a mission we seem to lose a sense of when to stop. Just gotta pull that last weed .. As i say to my OH. Do it little and often (that’s gardening, BTW).

    Your garlic is indeed doing VERY well. 🙂

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  6. I think we get stiff and so on because we like it in the garden and don’t realize how much time has passed! I’m in my seventies and some days I remind myself that my mother, was younger than this when she passed. 70 is the new 40 so you are really just a teenager! And the other thing, the older you get, in your head, you are still young! I always thought my mother was old, but now that I’m up there, I don’t think so at all!

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  7. Apparently 60 is middle-aged now so you have a way to go! Can’t say I fancy being 120 though! The trouble with gardening is that we get carried away when the weather is fine. You start by doing a bit of weeding and before you know it you have missed lunch and the sun is setting. And yes everything else aches the day after, but think of the savings by not having to go to the gym! And the satisfaction of looking at that lovely neat and tidy border 😀

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    1. I’ve heard of these things called gyms. Never been to one though! Time does seem to fly in the garden and tea breaks (and cake) get missed. If 60 is the new middle-aged then I hope they consider reassessing those age-range groupings in questionnaires!

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