Six on Saturday: Now and Then (31 August 2019)

Last week’s long bank holiday weekend was spent lazing in the garden, relaxing. It was too hot to do much of anything, except for a bit of dead-heading and cream tea eating (apparently jam goes on top of cream around these ‘ere parts). Bees and hoverflies were out in force and the Buddleia finally lived up to its name as the ‘Butterfly Bush’.

Right now the garden seems to have reached something of a floral crescendo. It got me thinking about how it looked seven years ago when my wife and I moved into our new home. Six photographs were taken of the garden at the beginning of August 2012. Back then it was all rather rectangular and had very little colour. Seven years on it looks quite different. So let’s travel back and forth in time for another ‘Now and Then‘ Six on Saturday (cue harp flashback effect music….)

1. This is the spot where I stand and stare while waiting for the watering can to fill up, pondering this and that.

It was all quite different back in 2012. All I could focus on then was the strange wooden raised bed that jutted out into the path, disturbing the whole feng shui-iness of the garden. I got rid of it soon after this photo was taken.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0501010001.jpg

2. Over the years the odd patio slab has been taken up to create extra planting space. However, this year I really had it in for the patio and reduced it further. This is how it looks now…

And this was how it looked back then…


3. I remembered to remove my nemesis, the washing line, for this latest garden photo shoot.


I forgot to remove it back in August 2012.


4. I’m slowly adding a bit more structure to the conservatory bed with the odd shrub or two. The standard Buddleia in the corner is the offspring of the Buddleia that was growing next to the big green shed in the photo above.

In 2012 the bed was much smaller and something of a thicket.


5. Here’s the view looking back towards the house now…

And this was the view back then…


6. And finally… The view from the bedroom window today…

And the view back then…

0501010007 - Copy

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23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Now and Then (31 August 2019)

  1. What a good idea and a very impressive improvement! I wish I had taken a long shot of my garden 18 years ago, you will just have to believe that all it was was a narrow lawn between very large shrubs with a huge conifer hedge at the bottom. Never mind, a most enjoyable Six-on-Saturday.


  2. Most of my attempts to take pictures from the same spot over time get thwarted by something growing up and blocking the viewpoint. You must be very pleased with the way it’s developed. You’ve had to make some quite bold decisions about what stays and what goes and the results vindicate doing so.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. It took a while for me to brave digging up some of the existing structure (like the brick edging) but once I took the plunge last year and went round with the lawn it started to come together. I just need to stop moving things so they can get established more quickly.


  3. The change and evolution of your garden are incredibly beautiful and very successful! Before, you had a common garden, but it now has charm and makes you want to walk there. Congratulations!
    I have not taken old photos showing the evolution here since 1999, even if a Six would not be enough … digital photos were not good at the time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Fred. I think the original garden was designed for entertaining and ease of maintenance rather than for enjoying plants or wildlife.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. It’ll probably be missing the tree this time next year – a small, less vigourous one is required. I’ll miss it but it’s becoming more and more tricky keeping it compact.


    1. Cheers. I think I’ve run out of lawn and patio to dig up. Not sure how I’m going to create more planting space in the future. I wonder if the conservatory is really necessary…


  4. These before and after photos are excellent and very inspirational! I know how pleased you are with the progression to round, flowery edges versus the stark, square lines. Floral crescendo is a great descriptor, and and I hearing this garden fortissimo!! Such a pleasure.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A massive improvement indeed! I always imagined your garden to be much bigger than it is as you seem to pack so much in to it. It does actually look bigger than the original garden because of all the curves you have introduced. I love the design of the paths and the lawn, guessing that remains for the dryer? As does mine, but maybe I could reduce mine to a circle… It doesn’t look as though you can fit very much else in though despite the demise of the patio.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. The garden is pretty small but the plants are indeed packed in! The lawn remains for the washing line though if I’m honest I don’t think I’d ever get rid of it completely even if it were an option. Sitting barefoot on the grass is strangely pleasant and it’s needed for the table and chairs that come out once in a blue moon. I think I’ve finally run out of space though 😞

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  6. I very much enjoyed seeing these before and after photos and the successful transformation of your garden. I like the way you removed all those straight lines and made curvy ones. Now the garden looks like a place to wander and examine all the plants you have included.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It took me a few years to brave taking up the original brick edging around the lawn but it was the right decision. If I ever fancy a change from curves I can undo it as I’ve not cemented any thing down.


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