Six on Saturday: Autumn has arrived (28 September 2019)

After a week of wind and rain the garden has suddenly turned all autumnal. The leaves of the Morning Glory have started to turn yellow, the Sambucus nigra ‘Golden Tower’ has lost much of its foliage, and the Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’ is definitely on the turn. Yet despite the recent battering, many plants are still flowering away, the yellows, whites, pinks and purples of the Zinnia, Dahlias, Scabious, Cosmos and Calendula appearing to glow in the fading light of evening.

I’m still diligently deadheading to keep the flowers going for as long as possible. Which leads me to my first SoS…

1. Calendula ‘Lemon Cream’ has almost featured as a Six on Saturday on several occasions but for some reason always get swapped for something else at the last minute.

It was grown from a packet of free seed, courtesy of the Garden News magazine, and has been flowering for months thanks to deadheading. Some are beginning to go a tad mildewy though.

2. Another plant that inexplicably didn’t make the final SoS cut earlier in the year is Delphinium grandiflorum ‘Blue Butterfly.’ Its blue blooms lasted for ages and the plant munching molluscs left its delicate looking leaves alone. It finished flowering months ago but I spotted a seed pod on it the other weekend.

I picked it, sprinkled the seeds on some compost and plonked the pot on a window sill. I wasn’t really expecting much success, but look! Seedlings. Now whether they’ll survive the winter or not I have no idea. I wonder if I should have waited until the spring before sowing them.

3. The Cosmos (Gazebo White) is another plant that is still flowering its socks off. Initially I was underwhelmed by this white variety and the lack of flowers, but as the months have passed by the flowers have got more prolific. I’m now a fan, as is this hoverfly.

4. I introduced Linaria vulgaris (common toadflax) to the front garden a few years ago, growing it from seed. As beautiful as the flowers are it does have a tendency to take over. I thought I’d been ruthless last year, pulling up most of it before it had a chance to flower. However, it’s staged a comeback. It is lovely though.

5. Next up, a mallow that’s having a second flush of flowers. Now this is either the one that was purchased from the wildflower section of a garden centre or the non-wild one that was obtained from the ancestral home up in North Wales. I was convinced I would remember when I planted it. I was wrong.

6. And finally… The Zinnia are still flowering away and providing some nice bright colour in the garden.

This yellow variety has taken a while to get going. I’m always fascinated by the changing form of Zinnia flowers. This was it a few weeks ago, tinged with lime green…

And this is it now.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Autumn has arrived (28 September 2019)

  1. I often agonise over sowing home collected seed in the autumn (as nature intended) or keeping it til spring, usually end up doing both or at least keeping some back in case the autumn ones fail. I’ve often thought the yellow toadflax worthy of a place in the garden but held back for fear of it becoming a weed. Only find out by trying I suppose.

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  2. Your garden is still full of lovely colours. I like the linaria – saw great swathes of it planted in the walled garden at Trengwainton (where the scarecrows live) in different colours and it looked fab. Apparently slugs don’t bother them either!


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