Six on Saturday (12 October 2019)

I have a long list of tasks that need doing, including planting the Sweet Williams, Foxgloves, Aquilegia, Sweet Rocket and bulbs, not to mention giving the lawn a trim.

Yet with the relentlessly wet weather and the increasingly short days it’s been tricky finding an opportunity to do any gardening of late, except for a spot of deadheading. My first SoS suggests I’ve been neglecting my gardening duties far longer than I thought…

1. Weed or wildflower? With leaves like that I’m afraid I class it as a weed. Quite how it slipped under my weedar for so long I’m not sure. Still, the flowers are pretty. Having consulted my wild flowers of Britain and Europe book I think it might be Smooth Sow-thistle. If I see any six-legged-wing-ed things enjoying the flowers I may just deadhead it until it finishes. Hmm, I must be getting soft in my middle age.

2. The Verbena bonariensis has been flowering for many months now. I don’t deadhead these as the flowers continue to form on top of the spent blooms. There are quite a few seedlings growing in the gravel that I’ll need to dig up and move at some point.

3. I think this is Penstemon ‘Garnet’. A new purchase back in June, it has a narrower leaf than some other varieties. It didn’t really do much earlier in the year but is flowering away nicely now. From past experience the finer leaved varieties haven’t proved as hardy as other Penstemons so I’ll attempt a cutting or two at the weekend.

4. This gladioli took me by surprise with its sudden growth spurt and buds. This photograph was taken a few days ago just before it started to topple over. Gladioli were a new addition to the garden this year. As nice as they are, I’m tempted to dig them all up and try a smaller, more vibrant variety next year.

5. Next up, another Zinnia. Possibly ‘Whirligig.’ It’s determined to add a bit of cheer amidst the gloom.

6. And finally… I think this is Hesperantha. It was acquired from my great aunt up in North Wales at the end of July. I only got around to planting it in the ground last month but it appears to be doing well. I’m tempted to see what other colours are available as the prospect of adding more late colour to the garden is rather appealing.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (12 October 2019)

  1. The very good picture of the sow thistle shows up its great form…is it time to embrace at least one of them in the garden? I think yes so long as it doesn’t self seed all over the place. Smashing zinia.

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  2. Hesperantha are rather charming at this time of the year, I have seen pale pink and white ones on my garden walk. I haven’t tried growing them myself though. [Why not? I ask myself] One good thing about rain is how lovely raindrops look on flower photography. That is if it stops long enough for you to get outside to take the pictures!

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  3. You’ve got tons still blooming in your garden, it’s just wonderful. I agree w/others about the pompom photobomber. Not sure what your glad problem is, but if it’s flopping stems, someone once advised me to plant the corms about 9″ deep. After doing that, the only flops they ever did were caused by wind damage, which means flowers inside the house.

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  4. Glad to hear you are getting soft in your old age, anything within reason has to be good for insects but can’t say I would say that about Bindweed it has to come out! I have Garnet it looks same as yours you prompted me to take cuttings.

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