Six on Saturday (19 October 2019)

The slimy plant assassins have been loving all this wet weather. Everywhere you look there are tiny snails munching away on increasingly bedraggled looking petals and leaves. And there have been some scarily large slugs on the rampage in the evenings. Between them they’ve managed to finish off a few of the delphinium seedlings (I knew it was foolhardy growing them).

Last Sunday afternoon, during a respite from the rain, I rushed outside determined to get some gardening done. The soggy lawn was given a much needed trim, I potted on my Linaria and Candelabra primula seedlings and I took some cuttings of the Penstemon ‘Garnet’ which is still flowering its socks off.

There’s still a lot to do and according to the forecast things look set to improve weather-wise. Alas, I’ve succumbed to the lurgy so may have to make do with a bit of on-line gardening retail therapy this weekend from the comfort of a cosy sofa while nurturing a mug of hot lemon and honey. Top of the list of possible purchases? Roses. Which leads me to my first SoS.

1. A pink climbing rose. It’s been a bad year for roses in our garden. An old red one didn’t survive the winter. A pink one in the front garden went to look very sickly, was moved to the back and now looks decidedly deceased. And the lovely yellow Graham Thomas climbing rose also seems to have snuffed it, its one solitary stem having turned black over the past few weeks.

Still, this pale pink one has had a late flush of flowers. Last year it was identified by one knowledgeable reader as ‘New Dawn.’ I have a sneaky suspicion it’s been flowering more prolifically on the neighbours’ side of the trellis fence.

2. Next up, Cephalaphora, free with the Garden News magazine. The ‘flowers’ are sort of interesting and the strong pineapply scent you get if you rub them is sort of fun. However, I’m not sure I’d bother growing it again.

3. The ‘Comeback Kid’ pompom Dahlia from Wilko is flowering again, albeit with much smaller blooms. I think it might be my favourite dahlia in the garden. If it survives the winter I’ll try and take some cuttings.

4. Now this took my by surprise. The Lavender out the front has had a second flush of flowers.

I assume I must have chopped it back after it finished flowering back in July. The sun was actually shining when I took these photos during the middle of the week.

5. I was happily photographing a Coreopsis that has been flowering for many a month when I suddenly realised I was up close and personal with a spider that had set up home just above it. After a brief manly shriek (that I’m sure the neighbours didn’t hear) I decided to take its photo.

6. And finally… After many months of should I/shouldn’t I ponderings, I’ve decided the rampant Prunus cerasifera ‘Hessei’ tree will be getting the chop. I’m not looking forward to the task, especially as my wife and I moved it from one part of the garden to another seven years ago. However, it’s getting far too big, despite regular pruning, and I’m concerned it’s growing too close to a retaining wall. The plan is to wait until the leaves have fallen. However, its replacement has already arrived. So what’s in the box? Ah, all will be revealed next week…

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (19 October 2019)

  1. It’s great to have a second bloom of lavender !! Mine having been cut then I can only wait for next year.
    Don’t wait until next week to open your box! 😂😁 I can’t wait to find out what’s inside…

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    1. I don’t know really. Moving the pink one may not have done it much good. The red one had been looking ropey for a few years, though seemed to do okay last summer. The jasmine had overshadowed the Graham Thomas climbing rose, but no more than in previous years. I’ll have to seek out some really tough, trouble free replacements.


  2. Hey, I heard you shriek in Portugal. 🙂 The spider was probably watching you in terror as well. 🙂 Looking at the photos of your garden it is lovely with so many different flowers. Are you now in possession of your garden seat again? I can imagine sitting there taking a quiet moment to observe nature.

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  3. Well, you’ve certainly left a cliffhanger there! Can’t wait. My roses have looked wonderful, from a distance, but some (the Peace rose included) have lost lots of leaves. However, I am hoping that a good pruning will reinvigorate them.

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  4. Close encounters with spiders at this time of year seem to go with the territory. I keep putting my head into the cobwebs as I cut things back. There then follows a wild dance as I try to make sure I haven’t collected a spider in my hair. You are one better than me on decision making – every year I put off buying a new tree. Can’t wait to see which one you went for. The Zinnias are looking good.

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