Six on Saturday: weekend weather woes (2 November 2019)

At this time of year you really are at the mercy of the weekend weather if you’re a full-time nine to fiver. It’s all very well having the odd day of dry weather during the week. That’s no good to me, stuck at work, indoors. If it’s wet and miserable at the weekend (as it has been most weekends) then you’re pretty much stuffed gardening-wise. Temperatures took quite a dip early on in the week, getting down to 0.2°C one morning, but the weather was bright and sunny. But now we’re back to mild, wet and blustery, just in time for the weekend. At this rate I’m never going to plant any of the Foxgloves, Sweet Williams or bulbs. On the plus side it does mean I don’t need to tackle my first SoS…

1. The Jasmine. I dread the annual chopping back of this rampant climber. It seems to be the most chorey of gardening chores. The longer I can put this task off the better. This photo was taken last Sunday. Despite the sun and blue sky the garden was sodden and cutting the lawns proved a bit of a challenge with the push mower.

2. The Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’ has been in the ground a year now. It’s grown a little but I think it may be quite some time before it surpasses the height of the fence and starts to provide a bit of privacy. I must exercise patience.

Day by day the leaves are turning a lovely deep red. Last year I very nearly didn’t get a chance to capture its autumnal splendour as it shed most of its foliage rather suddenly. I’ve been more vigilant this year. The photo above was taken last Sunday and the one below on Friday.

3. The Sedums (possibly Autumn Joy) have also turned a rather nice red. They were covered with bees in late August, just as the flowers were beginning to open, and into September when the flowers took on a pinker hue.

This is how they look now (well, earlier on in the week when the sun was shining)…

4. The Foxgloves, Sweet Williams and a few other perennials have been sat outside for weeks now, waiting for me to get around to planting them. However, the September and October sowings are nicely tucked away in the mini greenhouse. This is Erodium manescavii, grown from some seed kindly provided by Jim. I must look up what it actually looks like fully grown and flowering.

The Linaria seedlings are also doing okay, though looking at this photo I think I need to turn them round in order to straighten them up a bit.

5. Next up… the obligatory Zinnia photo. I thought their days were numbered last week when the temperatures took a dip. But no, they’re still going.

6. As are my final SoS, the Cosmos. These are growing in the front garden and have been flowering away nicely despite my rather erratic dead-heading.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: weekend weather woes (2 November 2019)

  1. That Cosmos is a beauty! I pulled all mine out a couple of weeks ago to make room for the tulips (I plant them in pots). Like you I have not yet got around to the chopping down of the Jasmine. TBH I’d like to remove mine altogether but it is in a place that is difficult to get to to dig out the substantial roots. Last year I removed a lot of shoots right to the ground and cut back everything else to the fence. It did grow and flower this year, but the foliage far outweighs the flowers.

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