Six on Saturday (21 December 2019)

Well we’ve almost made it to the shortest day. After tomorrow we can start to enjoy the prospect of lighter evenings and before you know it spring will be here. That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself during these relentlessly gloomy, wet and blustery days. Not that I want to wish my life away, but I’m bored of this weather.

Still, things are set to improve for Christmas and come the 24th December I have ten days to enjoy the garden (probably from indoors) during daylight hours. Ten days to watch the birds on the feeders. Ten days to ponder seed purchases whilst munching on the odd home-made mince pie (once I’ve made them). Ten days to simply do not very much of anything. I’m looking forward to it. Anyway, let’s get on with Six on Saturday.

1. First up it’s the controversial fern that was purchased back in March. My wife isn’t all that keen on ferns for some reason, but this Tsusima Holly Fern has proved to be a great addition to the bed outside the back door. What’s more it’s turned out to be evergreen which means we (or should I say I?) get to enjoy its unfurling frondy ferny foliage all year round.

2. Another plant my wife wasn’t very keen on, this ‘dwarf conifer’ was acquired back in October 2018. Ever since two fellow SoSers informed me that their dwarf conifers had reached the same height as their houses I find myself glancing at it suspiciously from time to time. It was moved to the border near the conservatory/sun room earlier in the year to make room for the Hibiscus. I’m keeping a careful eye on it.

3. Next up, more green foliage. A rosette of leaves of a self seeded Foxglove. The Foxgloves tend to do their own thing these days, sowing themselves here there and everywhere. Occasionally they need repositioning, but this one will be left where it is.

4. The sweetly scented Coronilla subsp. glauca ‘Citrina’ that grows in the back garden has started flowering. It has a paler flower and a more greyey-green leaf than the Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca that grows in the front garden. The latter normally blooms first, but not this year.

5. Another scented winter flowering shrub has also started flowering. The Winter Honeysuckle grows outside the back door where its fragrant flowers can be enjoyed when nipping out to put the recyclables in the white shed. It has one or two rather dead looking branches this winter and I think I probably should have chopped it back last spring to encourage more new growth. I must do it next year.

6. And finally… a close up of a fake 6 foot Christmas tree. I know, I know, but it was either this, an out of focus shot of some Honeysuckle berries that stubbornly refused to be anything other than blurry for some reason, or yet more violas. It’s probably the height the dwarf conifer will reach in a year or two if I don’t keep an eye on it.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Have a Merry Christmas everyone.


17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (21 December 2019)

  1. A good looking fern. They might not be as showy as flowers but there is value in having plants that give permanent structure. My border area near the shed has several well established patches of ferns and I don’t have to do any major work on that area now. Well enough rooted to not need much watering and thick enough to suppress weeds. Nice to have some low maintenance areas.

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  2. We’ve got a fake tree too, I feel I make up for it outside. Beautiful coronilla, the best winter flowering plant in the world (possibly). I love the fern too, but I with your wife on the conifer ……. Happy Christmas to you and yours 🙂

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  3. I rather like the dwarf conifer. The fake Christmas tree is excellent but reminds me that ours is yet to go up. It’s a must do for this weekend otherwise we may as well not bother! Happy Christmas to your household!

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  4. I’m bored of this weather too! Can’t get into the garden, can’t have a walk on the beach and can’t take photos unless I try my luck at indoor shots 😦 I do like your Coronilla. I wonder if they do OK in a container? I don’t have room for any more shrubs in my garden. And I did notice some tiny flowers on my winter honeysuckle. Though I have to get very close up and personal to get a whiff of any scent! Enjoy your Xmas 🙂

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  5. I’m all for artificial trees if they are as hardy as mine. This must be its 16th season and it’s still going strong! I must go and check on my fox gloves. I grew them from seed last year and the last time I looked they were very healthy like yours. Happy Christmas.

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