Six on Saturday (13 June 2020)

Finally, some proper wet stuff. Well, a lot of wet stuff actually, and about time too! All the water butts are full, including a fourth one that was attached to the white shed back in April. There’ll be no more showering with a bucket for a while. Fingers crossed the garden will start to perk up a bit now.

I got around to planting my sweet peas last weekend and a few tomato plants were purchased from a garden centre,  just in case the pitiful specimens grown from seed don’t pull through. Somehow or other I ended up with a Totally Tangerine Geum, a far bigger plant than the one I  purchased online and in flower too! Right, lets get straight to my first Six on Saturday…

1. The Sour Grapes Penstemon has been flowering for a few weeks now. I think I have another one growing elsewhere in the garden that was a cutting of this plant, though it could well be a different variety; I forgot to label it. I guess I’ll find out when it flowers.

2. Before the sun disappeared the Daphne × transatlantica Eternal Fragrance was filling the air with its heady, flutey scent. It was quite pricey and very small when it was first acquired about 7 years ago but it’s proved to be a quick grower. Infact, it was starting to get rather too big and a tad twiggy in places so I gave the shrub a prune after it had finished flowering in March. I was concerned I’d overdone it but thankfully it’s put on a lot of new growth and is flowering away again.

3. The bees are continuing to enjoy the Foxgloves, as am I. They’ve been sowing themselves around the garden for several years now.

4. This lily started life in a pot over 10 years ago. Rather bafflingly I’ve not spotted a lily beetle on it for the past two years now. All was going well until yesterday when I noticed that a few large buds on a third stem had fallen off. More appear to be suffering the same fate. It’s almost as if the buds are too heavy and are snapping off. Thankfully, the flower buds on the other two stems haven’t suffered the same fate.

5. More Sweet Williams up next. Slightly brighter than the one featured last week. Some of these have been flowering for weeks.

6. And finally… Remember the Poppy buds from a few weeks ago? Here they are now. The flowers are fleeting but loved by the bees.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (13 June 2020)

  1. Nice penstemon, I do like them, such great do-ers. I have just received (I must have ordered them obv.) 12 penstemon plugs (all different) but none of them are Sour Grapes. Shame. Impressive lily, it can afford to lose a few flowers, I wonder if that was drought? Lovely six. Have a great week.:)

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  2. The Daphne is doing well, and its fragrance must be heavenly. These plants seem expensive at the time, but you get really great value from them over time.

    The pink foxglove is lovely, I have a similar plant that’s appeared from nowhere this year and it’s very pretty, so I’m hoping for more of them in future years.

    I adore Sweet Williams! Must get some for next year. Love your red poppy, sadly they don’t love my garden too much so I gave up on them a long time ago.

    As for rain, we have a lot this week, though, conveniently, in the evening through until morning. But today it’s coming down so heavy and with strong winds. Sigh. Summer.

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    1. We had some very heavy rain yesterday. I wish it would come without the strong winds. Highly recommend Sweet Williams. I should probably start sowing some for next year. The Daphne has certainly proved worthwhile and a bargain in the long term!


  3. Everything’s looking fabulous there Graham. Eternal Fragrance must be the most popular Daphne and seeing your beautiful specimen it’s easy to see why. I planted one last year but it’s not thriving yet. It’s a long way from the house and I keep forgetting to take a can down to water it. Yours has reminded me that it’s worth the effort!

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  4. Yes, it’s fascinating watching the bees climb into and back out of the foxgloves. I’m hoping mine will start seeding themselves. Nice to see the “bog standard” * poppies in the garden.
    *That’s a compliment, I’m not being rude.

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    1. I chopped back fairly hard into some bare twiggy branches in places (mostly on the sides) and it has stimulated new growth on the thicker branches lower down. I took three or so inches off the top this time. It’s kind of deceptive – it looks all leafy but most of the leaves are only at the top of the branches. I think I’m going to go for the little and fairly often pruning method – which is slightly tricky as it spends a lot of its life in flower.


  5. My Sour Grapes Penstemon only flowered right at the end of the summer season last year and only a few flowers too! I was significantly unimpressed. It has survived the winter and now looks to have some flower buds, but nowhere near flowering (none of my Pentemons are) and I thought here in the south-west we were 3 weeks ahead of anywhere else! Everything looking rather soggy at the moment…

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