Six on Saturday (4 July 2020)

A quick Six on Saturday today without any preamble about accidental plant purchases (two clematis plug plants arrived earlier in the week), plant disasters (something has polished off one of the three Himalayan blue poppy seedlings), the ongoing has-he/hasn’t-he-planted-the-Zinnias-yet? saga (he hasn’t; they’re still living on the swing seat) or mutterings about the gloomy, damp and occasionally blustery weather of late (I really should have cut the lawn earlier in the week when I had the chance). Oh no, we’re straight into Six on Saturday this week…

1. First up, Rosa ‘Violet Cloud.’ This vigorous patio rose has been flowering for well over a month now. Once it starts it doesn’t tend to stop. Lightly fragrant, pretty and popular with the six-legged wingy things, it seems to just get on with things with the minimum of fuss.

2. I’m sure Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ flowers earlier each year. It was beginning to go a little wild so I dug up quite a few clumps last autumn in attempt to keep it under control. When it flowers I’m a huge fan. When it goes over I’m less keen. I was good this year and put in plants supports early on to prevent them flopping over.

3. Another plant that is prone to spreading, although in a far more stealthy way, is Phlox. There are several large clumps that have been split over the years and seedlings often appear nearby. I was pondering removing a few to create extra space for annuals, but like Lucifer, once they start flowering I have second thoughts. This is the first of the Phlox to flower this year. I always chicken out of trying the Chelsea Chop to stagger their blooms, although deadheading usually produces a second flush of flowers in August.

4. Next up, a thyme of some sort. Very popular with the bees and me. I may dabble in some propagation.

5. I spotted this Jacob’s Ladder when I was refilling a bird feeder. A self seeder, it does particularly well in shadier spots.

6. And finally… You may want to sit down for this one, I know I did. One of the delphiniums grown from seed last summer has survived to flowerhood. I think it might be the only one and there’s no sign of the plant purchased last year. ‘Tis a miracle.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


35 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (4 July 2020)

  1. Crocosmias have started to flower here too. I love this bright red colour in the evening at sunset (I will try to post one this evening on Twitter). Otherwise your phlox look very good! …and this delphinium … a beauty 😍

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  2. It would be interesting to find out how many ‘accidental’ plant purchases we all make in a year. 😀

    I truly don’t like ‘six-legged wingy things’ so much as your Rosa ‘Violet Cloud’ is a beauty, I think I might not rush to add one to my basket. The Phlox is a beautiful colour – what purply spires do you have in the background? They look good together.

    Congratulations on the return of your seed-sown delphinium. It’s beautiful, long may it live in your garden.

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    1. The purply spires belong to a Veronica which for some reason I keep substituting for something else each week. I must include it in my SoS next week.

      I don’t mind six-legged wingy things outside – I’m not so keen on them inside. Before my wife turns on a light in the evening I usually enquire (rather anxiously) whether the windows are closed as all manner of SLWTs come in otherwise.


  3. I can side with your sentiment above, that “once they start flowering I have second thoughts”. Love the thyme and I am sure so do your flying thingies too.

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  4. Your phlox are glorious. Mine struggle as they seem to need allot of water and most of my border plants get little watering and need to fend for themselves. So please about your delphinium. What have been the main enemies? Slugs?

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    1. I think it’s been the slugs. Having said that the snails have done most of the damage to the dahlias. I have a white phlox that always struggles during dry weather – not helped by the jasmine that grows along the fence and prevents the rain getting to it as the summer goes on.


  5. I planted Crocosmia Lucifer outside the deer fence! So far it’s blooming without disturbance. I had divided the long necklace of corms a friend gave me. You’re telling me to prepare for it to flop? Polemonium is pretty aggressive here but easy enough to pull. I like the laddered leaves! Nice Six.

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  6. The last two are lovely colours. My Polemonium disappeared last year along with a few other plants in the same raised bed. Sigh. And delphiniums wouldn’t stand a chance here. I do have a Phlox which I bought late last year, but no flowers as yet. As for your Zinnias, maybe being on the seat is keeping them safe. Mine appear to have been on the S&S menu.

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  7. The delphimium didn’t make me sit down, as I was already, but it made me go, Wow. Gorgeous flower, but the Jacob’s Ladder is equally so, or nearly so, perhaps. I love Lucifer & am loath to get rid of it, even when it flops over.

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  8. Love your picks. I had loads of ‘ accidental purchases ‘ through the years. Some obviously died on me. Luckily some are thriving with little care. Phlox can grow everywhere love them. Anything for the bees. Crocosmia looks pretty. Reseeding delphinium, never thought of that. Nice to know.

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  9. my crocosmia have vanished, well, not vanished exactly, just well hidden. they are definitely there somewhere, and were looking very hale and hearty earlier in the spring, vigorous, even. now, can’t find em. behind salvia, gladioli, and probably flopped over on by the loosestrife. no sign of flowers, but then i’d need to find the plants first…

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  10. Gosh that Delphinium is stunning. The blue colour is beautiful. I finally got some crocosmia – I rescued them from being thrown in a rubbish bin! I divided the clump and planted them in about three clusters in the front garden. Hopefully they will show signs of life once it starts to warm up. The Phlox is a plant I had almost forgotten about….another to add to the list of ‘I think I should source one’. Lovely photos!!

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