Six on Saturday (11 July 2020)

It’s all change come Monday. After working from home full time since the 19 March I’ll be heading back to the office next week. While it felt strange initially, I got used to this working from home lark. I’ll miss the regular supply of coffee, the radio playing in the background and the snacks. So many snacks. But most of all I’ll miss the view of the garden from my ‘office’ (the conservatory) and the comings and goings of the birds throughout the day.

Ah well. As I’ll no longer be able to do any emergency midday waterings of seedlings I’m going to plant out the remaining pots of this and that over the weekend, including (drum roll please) the Zinnias. I have a late sowing of the troublesome annuals in reserve in case the slugs and snails polish off the first batch. But as no rain is forecast for a while perhaps they’ll do okay. Here’s hoping anyway. Right, time for Six on Saturday…

1. I don’t have much luck with Clematis. They rarely thrive and, more often than not, tend to snuff it. However, undeterred my wife and I purchased this ‘Nubia’ the other weekend. I’m planning on growing it up an arch… when the arch arrives (another thing I’ll miss about working from home; being in for deliveries). It looks the picture of health at the moment, flowering away in its pot. Little does this Clematis know that its chances of a long and happy life are slim.

2. Another Phlox is in full bloom. I call it the ‘Pink One’, not to be confused with the ‘Other Pink One’ which is a slightly different shade of pink and which will no doubt feature next week. In the distance is a plant that I’ve been meaning to feature for a while now but I’ve kept substituting it for something else at the last minute.

3. Not this week. The Veronica has thrived since it was moved to this spot last year and has been flowering away for weeks. Popular with the bees, I’m tempted to get a smaller variety for elsewhere in the garden. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the Jasmine. Despite a severe chopping back last November it’s as monstrously climby and twiny as ever.

4. I’ve grown a few varieties of Linaria from seed this year, including Linaria maroccana ‘Licilia Red.’ It’s rather nice.

5. This slender Penstemon is in full flower. I think it might be ‘Garnet.’ A new purchase last June, it survived the winter and I have a few more growing in pots that I propagated last Autumn.

6. And finally… Crepis rubra (Pink Dandelion). They’ve been in bloom for a few weeks now. Keen to extend the flowering period of these delicate pink beauties I tried a second late sowing of seed direct in the ground a few weeks ago. The seedlings popped up within days… and then vanished. I was puzzled initially but the other morning I watched a young blackbird throwing soil here there and everywhere in the very same spot I’d sown the late batch. Mystery solved.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


32 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (11 July 2020)

  1. Jasmine – a serious thug. Not worth it unless you plan to sit right underneath for the weeks or so it’s in flower. I rather like the little pink dandelion things and the phlox. I must get phlox next year. Why is it always next year when the garden will be at its best?

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  2. Oh, I’ve seen pink dandelion seeds for sale, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone has actually grown it! So pretty. Nice penstemon and veronica. I could do with both of those!

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  3. The pink dandelion is sweet. I wonder if they have ‘clocks’? And yes I would say that is P. Garnet. Looks like mine. Though mine is a bit shrivelled today despite having damp and mizzle most of last week I think I may have to give the garden a good soak later on. Veronica is nice – how does it fare in the wind? I tend to avoid tall plants, but they do give structure to the planting.

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    1. I put in some plant supports early on with the Veronica and it’s also getting some support from a phlox. It flowers for ages though and should flower again after a chop. The pink dandelions do tell the time! I’ve been deadheading them though in an attempt to keep them flowering.

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  4. The home office obviously has its benefits, I hope your plants manage to cope without all the extra attention you’ve been able to lavish on them.

    I hope your luck turn with the new clematis – it’s too beautiful to let go. I have a Phlox ‘Pink One’ too – I must take a look and see what it is up to – I think it’s been pushed into the background by other plants. Love that rich pink.

    The tall Veronica is a beauty – I have a small one, but I could do with a few taller spikes in one of the borders.

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  5. i feel your pain with clematis. However, just before we moved I cracked my run of bad luck when someone suggested I keep the roots shaded so they were kept cool. It seemed to work. I’ve not tried to grow one here as it can be too hot and windy. Maybe when we return to the UK I will try again.

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  6. lovely stuff. the thought of going back to the office gives me palpitations! fortunately there is no sign of that happening, and even when it does it will be optional to start with. i won’t be putting my hand up for it.

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  7. Here’s hoping it all went well on Monday when you went back to the office. The Clematis you featured is a lovely bold colour – no wonder you couldn’t resist it. Maybe it will surprise you and survive! This week’s Phlox is a beautiful colour. My Mom grew Phlox many moons ago, and you’ve inspired me to try and source some here. I do love the rich perfume of Jasmine heralding in Spring, but it just goes wild and takes over, so when the small plant I had died I thought it was probably a blessing in disguise!

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