Six on Saturday: stormy weather (22 August 2020)

Well that was a rotten week of weather. On Tuesday evening I started preparing the garden for the strong winds that were forecast for Friday. Metal supports and canes were shuffled around to aid those plants that looked most likely to topple over, including the pampered Zinnias. Whilst surveying my handiwork, feeling quietly confident all would be well, a wood pigeon landed smack bang on top of a small cosmos that was growing in a pot, flattening it. I wasn’t best pleased. It’s still a little breezy out there this morning but, thankfully, everything appears to be intact. Right, time for Six on Saturday.

1. First up is a yellow Crocosmia. I do like a yellow Crocosmia. I wish I could remember which variety it is.

2. The Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’ has been flowering for a few weeks now. The flowers are popular with the bees and I enjoy the fragrant foliage. This used to grow in the front garden but has proved far happier in the back, next to the curving path.

3. Now I always mix up ‘Caryopteris’ and ‘Coreopsis.’ This is Coreopsis ‘Bengal Tiger’, so called because the flowers resemble tiger eyes. Admittedly I’ve never got all that close to a tiger but I don’t see the resemblance myself. I’ve been deadheading it every day… well, maybe every other day.

4. The Buddleia that I grew as a standard has reached mammoth proportions. It always amazes me how much growth this puts on despite chopping it right back each spring. Every August, just before it flowers, I ponder getting shot of it, replacing it with something smaller. Yet once in bloom I change my mind. Popular with butterflies, bees and hoverflies during the day, it’s just as popular with moths come dusk. I really should have planted the new Lilac further to the left though.

5. Growing near the Buddleia is this white Japanese Anemone. A well behaved one too that has yet to make any attempt at world domination. Pity. I wouldn’t mind a few more.

6. And finally… This Wilko pom-pom Dahlia (nicknamed ‘the Comeback Kid’ last year after it was nearly polished off by the slimy ones) survived the winter in the ground only to be set upon by the slugs and snails as soon as the leaves emerged. It was briefly plonked in a pot on the swing seat to recover and then planted out. It’s double the size it was last year and despite a slight mishap last week (the heavy rain snapped a stem off at the base) is flowering away happily.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


34 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: stormy weather (22 August 2020)

  1. It’s a good policy to deadhead Tigers, especially at close quarters.
    This one is very pretty. I love dahlias also but I shall grow more of these pompom tyoes rather than the dinner-plate top heavy ones. Have a lovely week, a chara.

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  2. You’re right, that coreopsis really looks a lot like mine! I also do like the buddleia with the hydrangea paniculata in the foreground, which gives a very nice photo.
    My caryopteris is not yet in bloom but it should not be long: maybe for next week in my Six …

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  3. The Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’ is a lovely plant, I didn’t know that it had fragrant leaves. The coreopsis is gorgeous, love the strong colours. Goodness, your Buddliea is huge – what a great-looking plant.

    Good to hear that your dahlia survived, it’s a nice one. I lost a few stems in heavy rain and winds this week too. I don’t mind summer coming to an end, but I’d much prefer if we could move into autumn gently.

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  4. I have one of those japanese anemones that are bent on world domination. It’s the devil’s own job to get rid of them, but in a good sized clump they’re lovely. The buddleia is fabulous as a standard – I must get one.

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  5. The ‘Caryopteris’ and ‘Coreposis’ are both lovely. I admire your tenacity in growing plants that S&S love. I am trying to find plants they hate, but which I like. Herbs seem to do OK! I’ve just come in from 10 minutes deadheading in very blustery conditions (which turned into 2 hours – how does that happen?) and pulling out lots of forget-me-nots seedlings that threaten to swamp every other plant. So many more plants that need cutting down/back. We really underestimate how much space some things take up!

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  6. I think the idea of a standard Buddleja is great, and yours looks spectacular in flower! I only have the plain old yellow Caryopsis, so think your Caryopsis Bengal Tiger is so much better looking with its contrasting colouring in the petals. I just divided up the clumps in autumn, and did not think of collecting seed, so might just give it a go this autumn. That way I might be lucky enough to get different coloured plants from the seed.

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