Six on Saturday: late summer colour (5 September 2020)

Well, September is here. A few years ago the garden would have been rather lacking in flowers come late Summer (I’m an Astronomical Autumn and Meteorological Spring kind of guy) but nowadays I think the garden might be at its most colourful at this time of year. Some flowers have come as something of a surprise though and that leads me to my first Six on Saturday…

1. The Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’ appears to be a tad confused as to what season it is. As well as elderberries it’s sporting fresh new growth and flowers. I could do with chopping back the flowering branches as they’re encroaching onto the path at head height, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

2. The Linaria vulgaris (common toadflax) was sown from seed several years ago. I pull it up in handfuls in an attempt to keep it under control, with mixed success. This clump is growing several feet away from where it was first sown.

3. Towards the end of August I featured a white Japanese Anemone. I have another one growing in a nearby bed that I thought was the same variety. But upon closer inspection it’s quite different. The flowers of one plant have a lot more petals than the other.

I went for a rummage through some old plant labels and found two for Honorine Jobert. The top plant is certainly HJ but either a mistake was made when it came to labelling or I bought a third Japanese Anemone and have mislaid the label (highly likely). If the latter I have an AWOL Honorine Jobert. I’ve done some Googling (other search engines are available) and the closest match I can find for the bottom plant is Whirlwind.

4. Another of the Zinnia ‘Jazzy’ mix up next. It’s quite different from the flower that featured in last week’s SoS.

5. A few more of the surviving Zinnia ‘elegans’ plants have started to flower. In previous years I’ve had a variety of colours: pinks, red, yellow and orange. This year I seem to have ended up with various shades of pink. Not that I’m complaining mind. The halo of stars never grows old.

6. And finally… I’ve seen a few Heleniums featured in various Six on Saturdays of late and was puzzled why I didn’t have one. This grievous oversight has now been rectified after a trip to Hestercombe last Sunday. I’ve yet to find a spot for ‘Fuego’ but for the moment it seems happy in a pot.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


38 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: late summer colour (5 September 2020)

  1. It’s a good year for the zinnias here: I have a lot of them and it’s a success. Your photo of anemone is successful and indeed the second plant is special, with more numerous and elongated petals. It gives the impression of having been crossed with another plant.
    Pretty heleniums and sambucus. I will be picking my elderberries soon.

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  2. I would highly recommend Elderberry cordial Jim. You will find recipe if you search my blog. You could add some other hedge berries such as blackberries too. That is a lovely looking Helenium..have you found a place for it?

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  3. The common toadflax is listed as an uncommon native plant here (and in the UK) and I was delighted to come on a patch during the summer on a busy ring road around the town. It is a very pretty thing.

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  4. Your Sambucus ‘Black Lace’ is a beauty, Graeme – I love those berries! You’ll just have to duck beneath them this year, next year they will probably sit a little higher.

    The bottom Anemone probably is ‘Whirlwind’ – and it’s a very pretty flower, one to keep. The past few weeks I’ve been aware that I don’t know the variety of many plants in the garden. My spreadsheet has been started, but it’s a job for wet autumn/winter days. I’m a spreadsheet convert – every garden needs a spreadsheet.

    The Zinnias are gorgeous – but the Heleniums are spectacular.

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  5. The double anemone is a nice one! A fe of mine change over the years, so perhaps it’s not a case of mislabelling. This year I’ve learned the deer out front love to nibble buds off – ugh. I’m holding onto summer as long as possible, too. 🙂

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  6. That Helenium is beautiful and will be a welcome addition to your colourful autumn garden. I bought some a while back ‘Moerheim Beuaty’ and they didn’t last more than a couple of years. I don’t know what I did wrong but I enjoyed them while they lasted.

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  7. Lovely Six! I wish I had known about the Sambucus nigra before I bought myself the ordinary plant. It is confined to a large pot and just starting to bud now that it is warming up. A S. nigra would have been so much nicer in looks. Your Linaria is beautiful, and reminds me of my childhood, so when I saw it I ordered some seed online. I have some Zinnia seed on order already, just waiting impatiently for it to arrive so I can start sowing the seed. Your new Helenium is lovely with its two-tone petals.

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