Six on Saturday (19 September 2020)

Apart from regular deadheading and watering pots there hasn’t been much to do in the garden of late. However, I’m aware that the September is racing by and before long there will be annuals to pull up, the odd perennial and shrub to move, the Jasmine to chop back (oh joy), mulching to be done and bulbs to plant. Talking of which, this weekend will be spent perusing bulb catalogues for tulips, narcissi, iris and perhaps a few different varieties of my first of my Six on Saturday…

1. These hardy Cyclamen have been flowering away for weeks now. Originally acquired from my mother-in-law’s garden several years ago, they have multiplied, popping up here and there, including the gravel path. More subtle than the blowsy and less hardy varieties that featured last week, the patterned leaves are just starting to emerge.

2. Last year I sowed Alyssum in card trays and then thinned out and planted a thousand or so seedings (well, perhaps not quite a thousand, but it felt like it). Not this year. I scattered the leftover seed I had around the patio border and hoped the previous year’s plants had set seed. They had. The Alyssum finished flowering a month or so ago but was chopped back and we’re now enjoying a second flush of tiny fragrant white blooms. It’s proving to be a good mingler with neighbouring plants.

3. A dwarf yellow Dahlia up next. This was grown from seed last spring and survived the winter in the ground. It’s been a hit with the bees.

4. While most of the Japanese Anemones have yet to spread about and explore the garden, this small double variety has been slightly more adventurous. I’m okay with this for now. Will I regret my easy going, chilled attitude to its reproducing antics in a few years? Answers on a postcard or in the comments section below.

5. Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ has cropped up in this and that a lot of late, including a recent episode of Gardeners’ World. I was very tempted until a visit to Forde Abbey earlier in the week. I’ve visited many times before but I hadn’t realised that this yellow beauty was that very same plant. As lovely as it is it’s also big. Very big, and it dawned on me that I’d struggle to find space for one in my small garden. Ah well.

6. And finally… It’s another ‘Fizzy Rose Picotee’ Cosmos. Weirdly, the same plant has produced two completely different shades – white flowers edged with pink and these beauties.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


36 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (19 September 2020)

  1. I wonder if the anemone might be ‘Prinz Heinrick’? It is one I grow here, a good deep rich colour and double or semi-double. Re the ‘Lemon Queen’ – we grew it once and it ran like a bullet through the beds. It’s gone!

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  2. Very pretty japanese anemone and this photo with the hoverfly is very successful.
    I have grown ‘Lemon Queen’ sunflowers this year. Same colour but a bigger heart. It reminds me of memories from a few weeks ago …

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  3. That is a lovely cyclamen. I use alyssum as I find it a great little plant to fill up blank spaces in the front borders. I just wish mine would grow during summer, but the heat kills it. It is a winter annual for me. That is a great photo of the anemone and hoverfly. Aafter having anemone woes, I had a peep into the front border and I’m thrilled that the anemone I planted over a year ago has spread! I just hope I get some flowers this year.

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  4. Great Six..and admire your snail eye view of the cyclamen, which they usually manage to stear clear of. I am with go about the size of plants appropriate to small gardens, where plantaholics like you want to grow so many more than they have space for. Well not growing them all at the same time is maybe the answer.

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  5. The Cyclamen are so elegant – and that’s a good low-level photograph. I keep seeing such lovely varieties and one year I might actually plant some of my own. I haven’t grown Alyssum in many years, but that border is so pretty. You will love the Anemone until the point when you notice how much space it’s taking up, and perhaps the number of other plants it’s swallowed up. Too many fabulous varieties of Cosmos – ‘Fizzy Rose Picotee’ is a cracker.

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  6. What a lovely six! I’ve recently planted cyclamen and if they are like yours, I’ll be well pleased. I’m waiting patiently….
    Also the anemone. People do seem to complain about them a lot, but I’d be happy if they spread around in my garden. I don’t have a shady enough spot yet. The double one is very pretty.

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