Six on Saturday (24 October 2020)

The clocks go back tonight and I’ve been drawing up a mental list of all the gardening tasks that I need to tackle to prepare the garden for the winter. Bulbs require planting, the Jasmine chopping. There are annuals to pull up, a swing seat to cover and a garden bench to put away. A standard rose needs moving, a penstemon splitting and a new small tree unpotting. And there are weeds that need… err… weeding, borders to mulch and roses to peruse online and order. I’m hoping to make a start later today, weather permitting. What was that? Which chore will I tackle first? Rose perusal and ordering, naturally. One has to pace oneself. Anyway, time for Six on Saturday.

1. First up, Snap Dragons. Last year I had an Antirrhinum disaster as most succumbed to ‘rust.’ 2020’s batch have been infection free but most have taken forever to get going. Hopefully they’ll survive the winter and become more robust plants next year.

2. With the exception of the Monster Montana, most clematis tend to die in my garden. However, an evergreen ‘Freckles’ that was planted to grow up the arch a few months ago is sporting a surprisingly long new shoot.

3. This fragrant Nemesia was planted in a pot last summer and has flowered pretty much continuously ever since. If it survives another winter outdoors I’ll make an effort and change the compost.

4. Another week, another Wilko bulb purchase. Narcissus Jonquilla ‘Marinette’ looks rather similar to ‘Falconet.’

5. The leaves of the Prunus ‘Kojo-no-mai’ have gone full on Autumnal, adding a vivid splash of red in the back border. I suspect it will soon be bare of leaf.

6. And finally… This was something of a surprise; a self seeded ‘Party Dress’ Morning Glory from last year has grown up a bare stem of the Sambucus ‘Golden Tower.’ The upper section of the poor Elder never recovered from the soapy garlic spray that I applied a little too liberally to the aphid infested leaves way back in early summer.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Stay safe.


38 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (24 October 2020)

  1. Very nice photo of the prunus Kojo. I was planning to take one this weekend during a ray of sunshine to show it next weekend. The yellow leaves have appeared here and will start to drop. I also like your Nemesia and the Morning glory : beautiful flowers!

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  2. If I stopped during the day to peruse roses, or anything else garden-related, nothing else would get done during the rest of the day! I have to force myself to reserve that activity for evenings. I hope you enjoy perusing – and probably ordering. 😁

    You would be pleased to see ‘Freckles’ on the move – hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy winter flowers soon. Enjoy the lovely colour of your Prunus ‘Kojo-no-mai’.

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  3. Clematis ‘Freckles’ turned to be a thug here and we removed it which was a pity as a good strong growing clematis is generally to be appreciated and the flowers are attractive.

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  4. What a long list of to do task. It’s satisfying to see each one been ticked off the list. Always lovely to see shrubs and trees turning their autumnal colours. It’s magical to watch. Goodluck with the list.

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  5. I grew some morning glories from seed last year, and found they have self seeded profusely. Sadly they weren’t as good plants as the original ones were (not very flowery). I hope your snap dragons last through. They do seem to take a long time to get going here too.
    I am trying to resist the lure of the Rose catalogues, as I have firmly told myself that I have enough of them to look after already. I’m sure I will succumb to one or two just the same.

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  6. The bedding Nemesias have done well for us too this year but I hadn’t even considered that they might survive the winter, might have to think again. Diascias pose the same dilemmas. Easier to buy new ones next year if guilt isn’t a problem.

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  7. Prunus looking good. I’ve njoyed mine this year. Looking forward to it putting on a bit more growth next year. I only seem to keep Montana’s going too. But I have got one evergreen variety that seems to have settled in, though it hasn’t quite got the idea of climbing and seems to be trying to form ground cover instead.

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  8. Ah, my own list is similar, although the bulb planting here will wait a week or so. Can’t go wrong with those faithful narcissus. They’ll be such a welcome and colorful sight in early spring. You certainly had great luck with your snaps this year. The colors are vivid.

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  9. ‘Party Dress’ is a bobby dazzler! And I do like your snapdragons too. I’d like to get some of those next year. I still have a load of chores to do in the garden, but today was very wet, so things will have to wait. Still waiting on a bulb order to finish off bulb planting and then I shall put the tools away for a few months.

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  10. Garden chores never seem to lessen in number do they, but I’m glad to read you have your priorities right, doing the rose perusal first! The Nemesia and Antirrinhum are both such pretty flowers.

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  11. While you are preparing for winter, I am trying to mulch all the borders here to protect the plants from the ravages of the heat and humidity! Like you, there is a huge amount of work to tackle! I am also battling to have the Clematis grow successfully here, and I have planted it into a pot and put it amongst other shrubs and next to a potted climbing rose. I hope the rose has a chat to it and shows it what to do! The Nemesia has such pretty markings on the flowers. What a treat the Prunus foliage is!

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