Six on Saturday (7 November 2020)

The first frost of the autumn finally struck the garden yesterday, finishing off the Dahlias and one or two of the annuals. I’m kind of relieved. I can finally start chopping back some plants and pulling up others to create space for bulbs, something I couldn’t bring myself to do while there were still flowers to enjoy. However, I’m going to have to wait a little longer to remove my first Six on Saturday…

1. The Cosmos in the front garden escaped Friday’s frost completely unscathed. They’re still providing nectar for the odd insect visitor or two so I’ll leave them bee… I mean be… for now.

2. For some reason I’ve never made much of an effort bulbwise in the front garden, something I plan to rectify this autumn. As soon as the Cosmos finish flowering I’ll be planting some of these Dutch Iris in their spot.

3. Next up, Jasmine Chopdown 2.0. Two weekends ago I made a start on chopping back the tangled trellis-covering climber but I gave up when I got to this section.

Last Sunday I resumed where I left off. It’s always the worst bit, but I don’t think the Jasmine is solely to blame as there’s an equally rampant pink flowered climber growing here that the bees love. I have no idea what it is and I must include it in a Six on Saturday next year to see if anyone can identify it.

4. The Sedum growing next to the blue shed is looking rather impressive at the moment. It’s got surprisingly big over the years, almost shrub like, and helps provide some structure to the border throughout the summer and winter. It’ll get chopped back come the spring.

5. The other side of the blue shed isn’t quite so picturesque. It’s where I hide the bags of compost and empty pots. If I go missing my wife has instructions to check down here as I frequently trip over this and that when trying to retrieve pots or get to the water butt.

6. And finally… I wasn’t sure this Wilko pom-pom Dahlia was going to flower this year but it managed to produce a solitary bloom before the frost struck. This photo was taken on Thursday. Less globe-like and a paler pink than the other pom-pom Dahlia that featured a few weeks ago, I think it was worth the wait. Alas, it is no more.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Stay safe.


38 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (7 November 2020)

  1. We have joked many a time that when our time comes we will take ourselves, with two bottles of wine, to the compost area, settle ourselves down on the warmth of a compost bin and see ourselves pleasantly out of this life. The children have been told where to find us and, sure, if they don’t search us out we will contribute to the heap!

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  2. I’ve done pretty well out of Wilcos bulb section in past years but not made it there between lockdowns this year. I’ve got a mixed bag od Dutch irises from Gee-Tee bulbs this year as I enjoyed them so much this year. Think I went with 50 so a good bit of planting to get on with.

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  3. Nice dahlia, well it was anyway, next year it will be even better. I am very envious of peoples bulbs this year, I haven’t bought any at all. This iris is a cracker. And I love the bee/be joke, rubbish but good at the same time. 😀

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  4. Your side of the shed is a perfect hiding place for the snails. I put my pots inside my shed now as I found they love clinging to the outside (and sometimes inside) the empty pots. Is that Dalesfoot compost? Is it good? My Jasmine is no more either. Practically cut down to the ground. Which is why I hardly get any flowers I suppose, but it is so unruly and totally in the wrong place. If only I could dig it out, but where it is planted it is impossible to get a fork into.

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    1. The snails love hiding behind the trellis here. It is Dalefoot – I’ve not tried it before but New Horizon was something of a disaster this year. It’ll be reserved purely for seeds and potting on as it was rather pricey and they were only 30 litre bags. The Propagator mentioned another, cheaper brand of peat free compost that I might seek out next year.

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      1. Yes, it is hard to be eco friendly when the prices are so high. I have just not used much compost this year, but when I need more I shall try some of the peat free. Let me know which brand you choose.

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    2. I’ve been using Sylvagrow peat free – pricey and they never do a three bag offer. Earlier this year I was mixing it with some John Innes to help eke it out a bit and this autumn I found they are now selling a version with JI already added. It seems okay but does dry out quick in seed trays.

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  5. I’m waiting to read the answer to Heyjude’s question on the compost. We now live about as far from a Wilko as you can get, they certainly have come up trumps regarding that Dahlia. It made me laugh to read Paddy’s comment on ending his days on the compost heap. We all need a ‘behind the shed space’, which at least allows you to get to the fence should it need attention.

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  6. Maybe I’ll try pompom dahlias next year. I’m trying to like dahlias. They are down there with glads and lupins at the bottom of my list. And don’t worry, we all have a place like your ‘behind the shed’…..

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  7. Come on now! Bags of compost are just as picturesque as any other items in the garden. Beautiful dahlia. I do like Wilko for many things, especially seeds and bulbs. We used to go into town waving our bus passes happily at the kind driver and skipping off to the Wilko store…..alas, no more.

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  8. Well done on vanquishing the jasmine – that is quite a job. I’m really looking forward to seeing those Irises in bloom next year, it looks like Wilko will come up trumps again.

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  9. Lovely feeling to tackle the overgrown spots in the garden. Down the sides of sheds are great spaces – the slugs are revelling in my shed space atm – the leaves blow in and collect there. Cosmos all pulled up here so that I could get some tulips in – job for this week i hope.

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  10. Lovely dahlia! As for Jasmine, yes it is wonderful when it blooms but annoying when generates a thousand little seedlings—or at least that’s my experience with Carolina Jasmine.

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