Six on Saturday (14 November 2020)

Last Sunday I spent most of the day preparing the garden for bulb planting. Annuals were removed from the ground and pulled out of pots, and dahlias were dug up and planted elsewhere to make room for some new bare root roses that will hopefully arrive soon. The rather sodden lawn was mown and forked (it’s prone to water-logging during very wet winters) and a robust looking weed or three were removed. I was all set to commence planting my bulbs over the next two days but alas the weather forecast looks pretty nasty. Perhaps next weekend. Talking of bulbs…

1. I’m going to have to check some of my online bulb purchases to remind myself what they’ll look like in flower. Thankfully, there are no such issues with my first Six on Saturday. Every autumn I’m tempted to plant crocus in the lawn but always decide against it at the last minute as I don’t fancy the idea of waiting for the foliage to die back the following spring before cutting the grass. However, the lawn is so small I could probably cut the grass with nose scissors, carefully snipping round the bulb foliage. Maybe I should give it a go.

2. Last Sunday I put the cover on the swing seat. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get blown off in today’s gales. The garden bench was also folded up and stored in the shed, though I got to sit on it one last time whilst observing the 3 minute silence.

3. Next up, cyclamens. Their flowers have long since finished but the foliage is looking nice and lush at the moment.

4. Throughout the year I’ve been attempting to add some more structure to the borders, mainly with evergreens, and back in the spring I planted a standard Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price.’ Flower buds are forming and though the blooms won’t be fragrant I’m hoping they will provide some colour throughout the winter and into spring.

5. Talking of spring, do you remember the Honesty? No? Well, here’s a reminder. Most of the plants were pulled up after they had finished flowering but I left a few to develop their pretty silvery paper disk-like seed heads.

They haven’t looked all that pretty during the summer mind, and I almost pulled them up. I’m glad I didn’t though. The odd blue tit has been spotted breaking them apart, presumably to get at the seeds.

6. And finally… Colourful flowers are in rather short supply now that the dahlias and most of the annuals have been finished off by the frost, so thank goodness for Violas.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Stay safe.


31 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (14 November 2020)

  1. I planted crocus in the grass many years ago, but couldn’t stop my husband from mowing the foliage down. Surprisingly some of them still come up every year, but not in great numbers. Hope you’re successful with yours as they’re incredibly pretty in the grass. You could perhaps mow around the clumps of foliage?

    Your viburnum will be beautiful when it flowers, I’ve been trying to do similar, and have more evergreens and flowers throughout the season. It’s a work in progress. The Honesty seedheads are beautiful, I hope the birds leave some of them alone for some photos with frost and a dash of sunlight.

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  2. Rain seems to have affected us all this past week. Like you, I have been engaged with garden seats and have brought them all into the garage for painting and storage this year. I paint them every year but have never previously kept them overwinter indoors. I think it’s a good idea to preserve the wood for a few years longer.

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  3. Let’s hope that the weather improves and that you will be able to plant out al your bulbs soon. Those crocus look lovely and I can just picture them popping up in the lawn, but I do not think I would like them that much that I would cut the grass with scissors! I like the idea of a folding up garden bench. The honesty seed pods are lovely and have tempted me into trying to propagate some honesty plants next year.

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  4. Violas are really fab this time of year. Cupcake foliage are really interesting, it has its own attraction. Like you I have lots of bulbs to plant still but the weekend weather is pants. Planted a few circuses in the lawn. Quite disappointed as only few patches of flowers came up this year. Have fun with the bulb planting.

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  5. I love the honesty seed heads. They may look scruffy but you’ve managed to take a nice picture of them. The standard Viburnum tinus is looking very good. I was reading recently that a garden should be about a third evergreens (I think it was Bunny Guinness who said it) which seems a lot, although some of that will be hedges I guess. Anyway, I’m sure it’s good advice which I’m going to try to take on board.

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  6. Am I right that you used the swing seat as an anti-slug device to protect some of your plants? I remember that on someone’s SoS. I’m sure it’ll come in handy again next year but the weather is so bad now we’ll not be sitting out much. Lovely close-up of the cyclamen leaves.

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