Six on Saturday (21 November 2020)

Could this be the weekend I finally start my bulb planting? The weather forecast is looking promising so fingers crossed it might actually happen. However, the old wellies will have to be deployed (having first checked that there are no spiders lurking in them) as the garden is sodden, particularly the lawn which is decidedly squelchy underfoot. It’s been a drab old week and colour of the floral kind is certainly becoming trickier to find. Yet there are a few flowers out there, oh yes! And that leads me to my first Six on Saturday…

1. A Wilko Chrysanthemum that was grown from seed is still sporting the odd bloom. It’s adding some cheerful yellowiness/yellow cheerfulness to the garden, which is particularly welcome on a grey and gloomy day.

2. A few sweet peas are also hanging on in there. I should have pulled them up a while ago but I’ll leave them be for now. These flowers will be cut and brought indoors later to enjoy their fragrance.

3. Though most of the surviving annuals are only sporting the odd bloom or two, this Cosmos out the front is still doing the full-on-floriferous thing, oblivious to the fact that it’s mid November.

4. As is this patio rose ‘Violet Cloud’ which has flowered pretty much non-stop since May. What was that? It’s pink not violet? I agree. Daft name.

5. It’s not all about the flowers though. The berries of the Honeysuckle are looking pretty good with the neighbour’s blue shed as a backdrop.

6. And finally… I’m still waiting for the sole surviving Rudbeckia hirta ‘Cherry Brandy’ to flower. After eight or nine months it’s almost there. It had better be worth the wait.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Stay safe.


43 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (21 November 2020)

  1. My wellies have been on for months Graeme! Autumn has been all about mud, though the roses and hydrangeas are coping better than I am! I hope you manage to get your bulbs planted. Tulip planting is on my list for next week now that the dahlias are lifted and stored.

    You still have a good few plants blooming – long may they continue to brighten up your garden. The cosmos is beautiful, it’s worth its weight in gold in the borders, but who would expect them still to be making such a lovely impact so late in November. Yes, your little patio rose is pink, perhaps leaning towards magenta, but definitely not violet. Whatever its colour – it is lovely.

    I hope we get to see that rudbeckia flower next week! 😁

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  2. Yes, we are in wellies and full rain gear – pull-up trousers and raincoats! Bulb planting has finished here but I hear Mary commenting now that there are great bargains to be had at Farmer Gracy’s so there might be another bout.

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  3. You have some lovely cheerful flowers in your garden. I do not think I have never seen honeysuckle berries before. Do the birds feast on them? I too would love to see the Rudbeckia in full bloom. Good luck with the bulb planting, and hopefully Mrs OMAHGT will be on the mend soon, and you will be successful isolating!

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  4. You are doing well in the flower stakes, and can’t believe you’ve still got sweet peas blooming, lucky you! Nice pic of honeysuckle berries – I wish my neighbour’s shed was a dainty blue and not the violent highlighter orange/peach shade she chose! Enjoy the satisfaction of getting those bulbs dealt with.

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  5. So nice to see some flowers – virtually none here now! I had no luck at all with ‘Cherry Brandy’. The flowers were tiny and nondescript. Yours look MUCH more promising. I was luckier with ‘Cappuccino’. And just a thought – don’t know if you had ‘Cherry Brandy’ in a pot like I did my Cappuccino? – the Cappuccino, although pathetic the first year, came back after the winter and flowered beautifully the second season (died the third, as you’d expect!).

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  6. What lovely colours…….you are competing well with the participants from the southern hemisphere. I do hope Mrs OMAHGT gets better soon, I mentioned that all the grandchildren at university have been affected by this one way or another. Look after yourselves.

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  7. Gosh, Cherry Brandy really is tardy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed you get to see the flower. I’m assuming its perennial though so maybe next year it’ll be a bit quicker out of the blocks. Hope your OH recovers soon. K

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  8. Lovely raindrops! I have been procrastinating over the planting of my tulips, not going to happen this weekend again, but I have promised to do it on Monday, even if I have to carry the pots into the spider filled damp shed 🕷️🕷️🕷️🥶

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      1. I usually have all this done and dusted by October, but SR let me down with sending out the bulbs, they only arrived last week. And it has rained or been damp and very windy since.

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  9. I love your closeup photos and think that the raindrops on them add extra interest. Mr MG thinks that the last photo of Cherry brandy would make an excellent painting subject!

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