Six on Saturday (26 December 2020)

I’m not sure whether you’re supposed to greet people with ‘Happy New Tier’ when you move up a level or not (we’ve gone up to 3 today). Perhaps only if you move down. I hope everyone is having as good a Christmas as possible given the situation. I’ll be heading out into the garden later to make sure the swing seat cover is secure before Storm Bella arrives. But not before I’ve helped make a raspberry tiramisu and a Caerphilly Crumble for Boxing Day dinner, though as Mrs OMAHGT and I can rarely find Caerphilly cheese and usually end up using Cheshire instead, the crumble may have to be renamed. Anyway, time for Six on Saturday.

1. Last Sunday afternoon I surprised myself and tackled quite a few of those gardening tasks on my to-do list, including clearing the tiny wildlife pond. An overly enthusiastic water buttercup that was taking over has been removed. This is the second time I’ve planted too vigorous a plant in the pond (a water mint was got shot of last year after it made a bid for freedom into the border). A bit more research will be required before I find a replacement. Still, hopefully the pygmy water lily will do better next year with less competition.

2. Now that we’ve passed the shortest day the countdown to spring has begun. And behold! Some bulbs have started to come up. I’ve no idea what they are but they’re a rather cheering sight.

3. My wife and I spotted these two garden bird ornaments whilst wondering around a garden centre back in the summer. They now live on the garden shelves.

4. Last March I attempted a bit of woodwork, something I haven’t had a go at since the early years of high school. It’s meant to be a nest box for a robin. The thing stands out rather with its ‘coastal mist’ paint job but the Coronilla is starting to conceal it… a little. I doubt a robin will take up residence though.

5. Remember that Cotoneaster seedling I found growing in the garden last year? It has formed one solitary berry. I’ve no idea what variety of Cotoneaster it is but I thought I’d try and train it as a standard. Trouble is I don’t really have a good spot for it and I frequently find myself digging the thing up and moving it every time I want to make room for this and that.

6. And finally… Holly. Well, sort of. It’s an old stained glass Christmas tree decoration that I made from a kit thirty-something years ago. You had to put the metal frame on a baking tray, add some coloured beads, plonk it in the oven for a bit and viola… I mean voilà! It’s ageing much better than I am.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Stay safe.

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (26 December 2020)

  1. Another enjoyable post. I am sure the robins will appreciate the des res you have created for them. I like stained glass in most forms and yours is very tasteful. Have a good New Year and I hope you have both completely recovered from that awful Covid.

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  2. Robins are buggers for nesting in improvised boxes. At the garden centre I was working at they ended up nesting in the compost crates that then needed moving. I saved a cotoneaster last year. I’ve just moved it out of my garden into the communal passage. I don’t think anyone will mind. Hopefully, feed some of the birds eventually.

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  3. I suppose I should say Happy New Tier to you too! V good! The little robin nest looks well made. Our nests don’t get used, I think they are too low and within reach of cats, but they are nice to have and I imagine a few insects make use of them instead. Love that single Cotoneaster berry too, a little extra Christmas present.

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  4. I smiled while reading “Happy New Tier” because even for me as a French it’s a good play on words …😂
    Good luck with the pygmy water lily. Mine takes advantage of its small pond and gives me 4 to 5 flowers per year.

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  5. Oh! I remember those kits! I don’t have anything I made though. They were THE thing! Thanks for recalling to mind something I had completely forgotten about.

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  6. Its nice to see the green shoots of the bulbs coming through. It cheers me up to think that the Spring flowers are on their way (even if the reality is that I will have to wait quite a bit longer). The little bird ornaments are very attractive on their little shelf. I hope a robin takes advantage of your nesting box now it’s tucked in among some foliage.


  7. Cute birds – is one a wren? And I love your little pond. I am humming and hawing as to whether to try and create a little pond (and I mean little – 1m x 2m max) in the area that I cleared my water mint and iris pseudacorus and meadowsweet from. I am convinced there must have been a pond here with those plantings, but I haven’t dug up any pond liner as yet. Hope you and the missus are over the virus and able to taste your nice sounding tiramisu and crumbly whotsit! I look forward to spending more time in your garden next year. 😊

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    1. I’m not sure what the birds are meant to be – but the tails might be too long for a wren. I think our smell and taste are almost back to normal thanks – we definitely enjoyed our Christmas and Boxing Day dinners! I still can’t smell the grapefruit soap and other things – my nose is a bit like a piano with missing keys/notes if that makes sense?! Looking forward to your return to SoS in the spring and learning if you decide to create a pond.


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