Six on Saturday (23 January 2021)

Brrrrr. It’s rather cold outside this morning and there’s talk of sleet and snow in these parts on Sunday. I’m considering venturing out into the garden later, after a coffee and a slice of leftover Christmas cake, to tie in a few climbing roses and to remove some of the duckweed from the pond. Then again, I might just make myself another coffee, have an After Eight mint or three and watch the birds from the comfort of the sofa. But first things first; ’tis Six on Saturday time.

1. Last weekend I went through my existing collection of seed, disposing of several packets of this and that. I was quite ruthless and yet I still have more than I probably need. And I placed an order for some more on Sunday evening… and bought two packets on Friday.

2. Back in November I committed to planting crocus bulbs in the lawn. I was beginning to think they were never going to make an appearance, but over the past week I’ve noticed several shoots. Alas, I didn’t really think it through as many are coming up along the routes taken to get to the shed, bird feeders and patio. I fear most will be trampled on before they reach flowerhood.

3. Yesterday, as I was making my way to the patio to chill out with a pair of robins that furtle beneath the Daphne, I detected the unmistakable fragrance of the dwarf Sweet Box. It’s covered in buds (and berries) that are poised to unfurl. Only a few flowers have opened thus far but it won’t be long until these tiny blooms are filling the garden with their sweet and wafty scent.

4. Next up, another Wilko purchase. I’ll probably regret this come early summer when the slimy plant assassins of the night are snacking on the new foliage. However, if it survives and the flowers resemble the photo all will be forgiven.

5. The frost hardy Gardenia ‘Crown Jewels’ purchased last summer appears to be sporting some new growth. Fingers crossed it shrugs off further colder snaps.

6. And finally… The skeletons of some little alliums over by the Daphne; a welcome reminder of last summer.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


40 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (23 January 2021)

  1. That alliums have stood up nicely. I have the answer to the slugs hopefully, otherwise it can only be mechanical methods, or perhaps attractive via beer, as I have a resident! Smell the coffee and enjoy the views of the garden.

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  2. I have very similar thoughts re Dahlias. I want to buy more, until I remember those blasted slugs! But then I buy more anyway (thinking, there’s always pots – this seems to be the best way to minimise slug damage for me)! Your Christmas box must smell amazing – am waiting for my Sarcococca – not quite there yet.

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  3. Ah, dahlias! I love them but also battle the slugs. I have found copper rings that I put around the tubers to work – in fact they are the only thing that works for me. They were not too expensive and you can join more than one together for the bigger clumps.

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  4. You must have a very big Christmas cake, or take smaller pieces, ours was finished a couple of weeks ago. I’m missing going to Wilko, they have such good garden bargains but until I have my vaccinations (GGHI had his first on Wednesday) I don’t dare to go to the shops unless absolutely necessary. ☹ Those dahlias are a very pretty colour.

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  5. Chilly here to, we’ve had a light fall of snow, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining. That’s a lot of seeds. I’ve been ruthless too and I’m limiting myself to just 10 packets of flower seed this year. /I had way too many last year.

    I’ve hear that Christmas Box smells like honey-vanilla – would you say that is accurate? It’s been on my list forever, just haven’t done anything about it yet. Perfume could win me over. 😊

    I love your alliums – I left mine too, for frosty photographs, but the winds eventually proved too much for them.

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    1. I think these alliums have been sheltered by the Daphne. I’ll study the fragrance of the Christmas Box this week and get back to you! I’m hoping some of these seeds can just be scattered and left to fend for themselves. I’ve just realised I haven’t got any cornflower seeds yet. I will ponder whether I really need their vivid blue blooms… I suspect I will.

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  6. I am not very good with growing from seeds, unless they are the kind that you can just chuck into the ground like nasturtiums. My conservatory is cold and I find even if seeds germinate they damp off so not really worth bothering with, except sweet peas. I will try them again this year. My allium seed heads died off months ago and I noticed the new growth is appearing now. No snow here, but it is quite chilly.

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  7. What a delightful rainbow of seed packets arranged by color. Still haven’t managed to plant any bulbs over here, so impressed by your follow-through with the crocuses. I can easily imagine myself, overwhelmed by a superabundance of bulbs, planting in various inadvisable locations. The allium seed heads add lovely shapes and verticality to your garden. The past year has made me increasingly appreciative of the winter skeletons of flowers and stems, and I am hopeful that the insects and birds are enjoying them as well.

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      1. Exactly! Yes, that is a huge benfit without which I’d end up planting something on top of something else or else causing tremendous damage to roots and shoots while searching for available space.

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  8. Alliums are wonderfully sculptural as they age. I picked some a couple of years ago to put in a vase and they are still there. This of course could be a comment on my less than adequate flower arranging abilities as well!
    I have a couple of dahlias. One is going well, but the other, after growing splendidly, has given up the ghost and is dying by degrees. I have no idea why.
    Perhaps some stepping stones in the lawn?

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    1. There are two stepping stones in the lawn that were perfectly placed through the middle. But a few years ago I moved the rotary washing line from the edge of the lawn to the middle to create more planting space and you have to step off the stepping stones and onto the lawn to avoid walking into the washing line pole! With hindsight I should have planted them in the front lawn.

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  9. That Dahlia Crazy Love looks looks amazing. Of course, normal crazy love definitely is amazing! Reat value at 1.50.
    I’d love to know how varieties get named. Is it just the choice of the breeder, I wonder?

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  10. Seed packets are so cheering, all that fun to come! I’m still waiting for my sarcococca to get going so it was very encouraging to see yours. Crocuses here have just started to open but I see the pigeons trampling them!

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