Six on Saturday (20 February 2021)

For at least a day or two it seemed as though Mother Nature had turned up the thermostat, opened those big cloudy curtains in the sky and allowed the sun to shine once more, encouraging the emerging shoots and buds to resume their growy-openy thing. But then the rain came. And the hail. And oh yes, the wind. The lawn is a muddy, squelchy mess, littered with casualties of the toppled white crocus kind. The borders aren’t much better. However, it’s not all doom and gloom out there.

1. First up, snow drops. It appears I have more than I thought. Some have begun to appear in the border near the wildlife pond. It has been a pleasant surprise as I’d assumed they hadn’t survived. The difference a bit of warmth and sun makes to their appearance is also surprising; they can look positively perky.

2. The sun also encouraged a few more of the Iris reticulata (possibly Harmony) to open…

3. … and this lone purple beauty that has since had to be propped up with a few twigs to help it withstand the wind and the rain.

4. Self sown seedlings have started to appear here and there. These popped up in the ‘wildlife’ border back in January but it’s only now the proper leaves have formed that I’ve been able to figure out what they are: Honesty, and there’s loads of them. Next month I’ll dig some of them up and plonk them around the garden.

5. While the cream crocuses in the lawn have been a disaster so far, one crocus, hidden away at the back of the Eucalyptus bed, has opened without incident. Fingers crossed some others will make it to flowerhood.

6. And finally… Last week I featured Hellebore ‘Single White Blotched,’ one of two Hellebores purchased the other week. This was the other one: Rodney Davey Marbled Group ‘Reanna’s Ruby.’

As the flowers have aged the marbling has become more distinct. They look almost metallic. I’m proud to say that thus far (good word ‘thus’) I have resisted purchasing any more. I have ordered another rose though.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at

39 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (20 February 2021)

  1. I share your upset with the present conditions, that squelchy sound underfoot as you walk across the lawn etc. Yeugh! Still, the flowers appear and put on their show!

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    1. Thank you. The cream crocus casualties would have made for a too depressing photo that may have needed an accompanying “if you have experienced a crocus calamity and you would like to talk to someone for emotional support please contact this number” thing.


  2. Poor crocuses really do suffer with the wind and the rain. Especially some of the smaller varieties. The irises seem to withstand the weather better and the snowdrops are extremely resilient. My early tete a tete narcissi are flowering now, it would be nice to be able to go outside and admire them, but still the wind roars! I do like that red hellebore. Very nice.

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  3. Am jealous of all this colour you’ve got going on. I love iris and yours look great – waiting patiently for mine to flower – judging from previous posts of yours, I think I’m a couple of weeks behind you with plants’ flowering schedule. I sowed Honesty seeds last August and the plants are now in the borders, looking fine, so am quite relieved they made it, clearly quite robust things.

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  4. The deep red hellebore is stunning. I’m beginning to feel tempted to have another go. I have banned myself from buying any more roses, but my resolve is failing.
    You do seem to have had a bit of a mixed bag weather wise, but the iris are looking good despite the hail.

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  5. That’s one special hellebore – and beautifully photographed. So jealous of your honesty seedlings. I haven’t managed to get them to do that (yet) here – in previous gardens I was swamped!

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