Six on Saturday (27 February 2021)

It’s a few days shy of March but what the heck, I’m declaring spring sprung here. The birds are suddenly more tweety, leaves are beginning to unfurl and, for the first time ever, the frogs have spawned in the little pond. Yesterday, in preparation for seed sowing, I gave the mini greenhouse a clean. Tomatoes and sweet peas will hopefully be sown later today, after an apple and blackberry crumble has been made. But first things first; it’s Six on Saturday time.

1. And we begin with the fragrant flowers of the Daphne Odora. Planted around two years ago, it hasn’t put on much growth. In fact it looks rather bare of leaf and I wonder whether I should have plonked it in a less shady spot. I’ll give it another year and see what happens.

2. Growing next to the Daphne is this Oxlip. It has started to form a nice clump and will be split once it has finished flowering.

3. The Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ was a new addition to the garden last April. She has been covered in flower buds for months and they’ve finally started to open. Alas, they’re not fragrant but the flowers are pretty and it’s adding some nice evergreen structure to the East facing border.

4. Another Viburnum up next. A deciduous variety that was grown from a cutting nearly 10 years ago. It’s supposed to bloom during the winter months but has yet to fulfil it’s wintery-flowery potential. The unnibbled fresh new leaves are a pleasing sight.

5. Now you may want to sit down for this one, I know I did. A few of the white crocuses that were planted in the lawn have actually made it to flowerhood without toppling over or getting stood on.

They’re rather pretty but I’m not sure it was the wisest of ideas with such a small lawn. If they don’t return next year well, hey-ho. I definitely need to plant some of these elsewhere though.

6. And finally… Iris reticulata ‘Alida.’ Most were grown in pots but those in the beds have done just as well. I have my eye on a few other varieties for next spring, including ‘Blue Note.’

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (27 February 2021)

  1. Lovely flowers and leaves this week, and great news re the frogs spawning. I’m also keen to get hold of more iris reticulata, I haven’t tried Alida, looks like a paler blue than Harmony, which I’ve got in pots this year. The crocus look most fetching in the lawn.

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  2. Always such healthy plants. I had a neighbour whose garden always looked so healthy. Apparently, the secret is “Throw it away if it looks unhealthy”. Obvious really, don’t try nursing them back to health. Rather ruthless though.

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  3. Your leading photo, repeated further down the page is simply top-notch.
    I’ve been reading about iris reticulata and it seems they’re rather hardy, so that’s where I’m going next with spring bulbs. They are quite expensive here, nearly $10 for three bulbs, so I don’t think I’ll be planting the scores needed for a decent spring drift! I’ll be keeping a lookout for Alida though: she’s very pretty.

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  4. Hi Graeme, Yep – spring has definitely sprung in your garden – a wonderful selection of flowers you’ve shared with us this week. Bravo for the crocus – nice marking on it. And that Iris is a stunner.

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