Six on Saturday (13 March 2021)

The garden has received a bit of a battering over the past few days. Thankfully, most of the spring flowers are made of pretty tough stuff, shrugging off the strong winds and showers. Around this time last year I had uncovered the swing seat. I can’t see that happening this weekend, but I do have a list of chores to keep me occupied, weather permitting, mostly of the choppy-back-diggy-up-and-movey kind. And that leads me swiftly to my first Six on Saturday.

1. Forget-me-nots. Originally sown from seed about 8 years ago, they have spread themselves here, there and everywhere. I started tackling a thick carpet of them near the patio last weekend, transplanting them around the garden. I thought I’d done a good job but I must have gone forget-me-not blind as further thinning is definitely required. A few have begun to flower.

2. Sown at the end of February, the tomato seeds have germinated. My tomatoes were something of a disaster last year, taking an age to get going. This year I’ve gone for a dwarf variety of cherry tomato called Minibel. They shouldn’t require any staking and hopefully will do okay in pots outdoors.

3. Next up, ‘Tete-a-Tete’ Daffodils. Soggy ones. More will definitely need to be planted come the autumn.

4. Now this is exciting. Last year a grew Meconopsis ‘Lingholm’ from seed. Two plants survived but I wasn’t very hopeful either would make it through the winter. But look! Life! I guess I’ll have to commit to planting them in the ground at some point.

5. Last autumn’s Violas haven’t done all that well, many succumbing to some sort of fungal disease soon after they were planted. I’d decided not to bother replacing them but then I spotted this variety in Wilko. Resistance was futile.

6. And finally… Oh yes, more Crocus. Probably long since flattened since this photo was taken earlier in the week.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


37 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (13 March 2021)

  1. Stunning Viola. I bought hundreds of Tulips and Narcissus last year, what I failed to do was get more Tete-a-Tete. Later this year will have to be on the list more small varieties of narcissus.

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  2. Very exciting re the Meconopsis, it’s always so gratifying when things make it through from seed, especially when sown ages ago. The forget-me-nots are charming, I have lots too but am behind you as usual for flowering! Good luck with the Minibels…

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      1. Btw – I just remembered something I wanted to ask you – did you have a black Sambucus or am I getting muddled up? If you are indeed the proud owner, can you tell me if it’s a quick grower? Thinking of a replacement for my Forsythia…

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  3. Lovely little viola, fabulous colour. Can you remember where you found the metal “fungus” plant stakes with wiggly stems? Just what I’m looking for!

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  4. I succumbed to buying some Violas this week, still not planted into their designated pots though as the weather has been atrocious since! I had two pretty cyclamen which usually last for ages, but one died quite quickly and the other has gone now, I wonder if they were diseased? Just rotted away. Anyway for £3 a pot from Asda I’m not going to complain. Great to see the Meconopsis coming back!

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  5. I am also growing minibell… same philosophy. I usually like to grow the big beefsteak tomatoes but this year I decided to just buy them from the supermarket. They take ages to grow and just as they fruit the flipping plant gets blight. This year I am growing cherry toms. and will bring on new plants every month rather than trying to resuscitate the old ones.

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  6. What caught my eye in your post was the Meconopsis! Isn’t it lovely? I will be off to find out more about it, but have to ask you if those are golden hairs or spines on the leaves? They look soft, so I guess they are hairs. Very pretty! It is obviously springtime in your garden, what with theForget-me-nots, Tete-a-Tete, and newly sprouted seeds. And the Violas…..they are a favourite of mine too!

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