Six on Saturday (10 April 2021)

While quite a few of my seedlings appear to have stalled a little (I’m trying not to worry as it’s early days yet and a lack of sun and warmth is hopefully to blame), established plants out in the garden are sporting lots of lush new growth. And that leads me, with surprising swiftness, to my fist Six on Saturday…

1. Roses. I’ve added quite a few to the garden over the past 12 months, planting them within easy sniffing distance of the paths and patio. They received their second feed of the year last weekend and the foliage is looking nice and healthy and surprisingly red. Inevitably, aphids have begun to take up residence (although a wren was picking them off yesterday) and I’m sure black spot will affect some, but I’m hoping for fragrant blooms aplenty over the summer.

2. A new purchase up next, acquired during a visit to Hestercombe Gardens over the Easter Weekend. The stand had a label noting what sort of Primula this was but naturally I’ve completely forgotten its name. Hopefully I’ll be able to split it in a year or two and gradually dot it here and there. That’s the plan anyway, although plans don’t always go to… err… plan.

3. Take Anemone blanda for example. Over the years I’ve planted quite a few of these, mostly dug up from my mother-in-law’s garden where they multiply happily. Yet for some reason they refuse to do the same in my garden, disappearing over time. This plant was spotted in the outdoor plant section of Morrisons the other week and before I knew what was happening I was scanning it at the self-service checkout. Fingers crossed it will appear again next spring.

4. I was still recovering from Covid when I planted the tulips back in November and apparently I wasn’t totally with it when it came to labelling what was what. That’s my excuse anyway. These two pots were labelled ‘Blue Lagoon.’ They’re not, and after checking through my tulip orders I think they must be ‘Violet Beauty.’ I haven’t found a pot labelled ‘Violet Beauty’ though which is rather worrying. Hopefully they’re lurking somewhere.

5. Growing close by is this pretty Narcissus ‘Xit.’ Xit has but one fault – the flowers point downwards, rather like a Hellebore, so you have to lift the flowers up or lie on your back to fully appreciate them.

6. And finally… In the past the Pasque flower out the front has tended to get swamped by its neighbours. But I’ve been much better at giving this furry leaved, shiny purple and yellow beauty its own space lately. I had another one out the back (the offspring of this plant) but I fear it is no more.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (10 April 2021)

  1. I was thinking some seeds had given up but just after I published this week’s Six-on-Saturday, I found 3 courgettes AND 2 Jumbo Pink Banana Squash leaves showing above the compost…..full story next week. 😀 Lovely colours and pretty narcissi.

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  2. Choice Primula there. I reckon one of your first divisions ought to go to your parent’s garden, which may appease the anemone fairies, who will in turn ensure success in your garden?

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  3. Lovely selection of flowers. The primula is charmingly old fashioned, which I always find appealing. I’m not sure I could plant a narcissus called Xit however nice it was. I’m afraid I find it off putting. ☺
    Beautiful Pulsitilla, so soft you want to stroke it.

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  4. I remember you planting the tulips post covid and they’re looking mighty fine. I still only have two out in my garden but peering at some of the buds they look like parrots which I don’t remember buying! I’m wondering if they were wrongly supplied. These things do happen. Great primula purchase too – it’s stunning!

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  5. Your photograph of the xit narcissus is almost otherworldly. I love the hairy aura of the pasque and will definitely have to look into getting one . . . Or two. I can sympathize with your frustration with plants that fail to “naturalize” as we fondly hope they will.

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  6. The primula looks like Gold Lace or something similar. I bought a pretty orange one last week! Goodness knows why as I really hate primulas, but this one just called out to me. Your Pasque flower is lovely. I have two in my Belfast sink and only the red one has one flower, can’t see anything on the purple one. I obviously haven’t found the right location for them. And I have a pretty white daffodil in a border with a yellow cup edged in orange, it is so beautiful but like your Xit (which I can’t help thinking of zit) it hangs its head down.

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      1. When I moved here I waited a year to see what was already growing. Then I went a bit crazy buying all sorts of plants that weren’t actually suitable to the climate or soil. Now I am looking to replace those fussy ones with plants that basically look after themselves. Gardening is a learning process…

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