Six on Saturday (22 May 2021)

I’m bored of the weather now. Actually, I think I was bored of it a while ago. It’s been another week of dodging showers whilst tackling this and that (although Wednesday was rather nice). The border in the front garden was neatly edged and, somewhat inevitably, ended up a little bigger. There was a spot of emergency tying in and staking during the gales of Thursday and Friday (note to self: put shoes on properly before venturing deep into a border; there won’t always be a box ball to break your fall). And some more seed sowing and potting on was achieved, which leads me relatively swiftly to my first Six on Saturday.

1. This year I left my Zinnia sowing until later so that they could be grown outdoors from the very beginning, doing away with the need to harden them off; anything for an easier life. After a potting on session last weekend, the swing seat is now fully occupied by these late flowering annuals as well as a few other slug and snail favourites. The nibbled remains of a chocolate cosmos and a few dahlias have since joined them; hopefully they will recover.

2. I don’t think I’ve featured the Weigela for many a year. Grown from a cutting by my mum way back when, it’s looking particularly good this spring, foliage and flowerwise.

3. Back in 2020 I acquired a few new Geums including Totally Tangerine and Scarlet Tempest. This year I’ve acquired two more: Lemon Delight (which may feature next week) and this Tequila Sunrise. I have a few other varieties on my wish list but I’m attempting to exercise some restraint for the time being as I need to make sure I have at least some space for annuals. That’s the plan anyway.

4. A pack of mixed Alliums was planted in the autumn. Naturally I’ve long since forgotten what varieties it contained. This is ‘the white one.’

5. Next up, the Korean Lilac of short stature. On a warm, sunny day the fragrance of these small flowers can fill the garden. Hopefully we may get one of those soon. It’s come into bloom around 3 weeks later than last spring.

6. And finally… Oh yes, the Dutch Irises have begun to bloom. I added a few new varieties in November. Fingers crossed they flower over the coming weeks.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (22 May 2021)

  1. Yes, swinging chairs are the ideal place to keep plants away from slugs…there will be a run on those at garden centres this coming week! I can see you having the most marvellous collection of Geums. How long do they flower for, and are there are repeat flowering episodes in the year?

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    1. Mrs Bradshaw seemed to flower throughout much of the summer with a brief pause after she was chopped back. I think Totally Tangerine is supposed to be similar and Scarlet Tempest doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of stopping yet.


  2. Am very fond of alliums, love ‘the white one’. I have a pot of strappy looking leaves that are supposed to be Dutch Iris but not a flower bud in the offing – do they flower for you every year? Reassuring to see your swing seat with all those seedlings, am not the only one who hasn’t planted out yet.

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    1. I think I had a few iris that didn’t flower in the first year – just lots of leaves. The slugs and snails are running/sliding rampant at the moment and I’m waiting for the bulb foliage to die back and the forget-me-nots to finish before pulling them up to create space for the seedlings. That reminds me – some of the calendula are up already!

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  3. Your allium is very pretty. I have only the dark pink ones at the moment but one or two buds that haven’t opened may be a lighter colour. The iris, lilac and weigela are looking good too. The variegated leaves are certainly as much a feature as the flowers.

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  4. I, too, have lost many a seedling to night time visitors. Your restraint in waiting to plant them until somewhat larger is admirable and well worth emulating. How wonderful to have a Weigela grown from cutting by your mom. Your photograph of the alliums is a success. They float, almost ghostly, against the dark green background.

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  5. The Korean Lilac is looking great. I know of a couple fo people who have them in their gardens, but they don’t thrive like yours seems to!

    Love the Weigela too. I had a similar one to yours, but it outgrew it’s space and was donated to someone else.

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  6. The weather has been shite. The weeds have taken over here – the borders ae so full of grass it is pitiful to see. Geums are doing well here, and allium. Camassia were lovely but now over or battered down. Oriental poppies are starting. Nice to see so many things in flower in your garden.

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  7. The variegated weigela seems popular this week, I am not sure the flowers add much to it, the foliage is nice enough. Love the Geum, I quite fancy some of those cocktail varieties, my one surviving Geum seems to hang its head down though which is a shame. And that iris is stunning! What a colour! I understand the need to make things easy, I am all for survival of the fittest and my calendula and nasturtiums just get sown direct. (Actually nasturtiums simply sow themselves once you have some and like the FMNs I spend a lot of time pulling seedlings out!). Here’s hoping for some dry and warm weather this week! I think we all need some.

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