Six on Saturday (29 May 2021)

Finally, a spell of calm, warm, dryish weather. It’s about time. With the tomatoes and sweet peas hardened off ready for life in the great outdoors, I need to get cracking and free up some pots for them, starting with the removal of the long since finished tulips. I was also planning on giving the Coronilla a prune now that it’s almost finished flowering. However, that task has had to be postponed for the time being and that leads me to my first Six on Saturday.

1. Last weekend I spotted a robin with a beakful of leaves heading to the aforementioned fragrantly floriferous shrub. Back in early 2019 I had a go at making a robin nest box, painting it in a rather fetching, if somewhat standoutish, coastal mist blue (it was the only paint I had left at the time). Nobody took up residence. I’d assumed it was going to go unoccupied this year too, but I was wrong. It’s quite exciting but I must admit to feeling a bit anxious too (the odd cat and magpie visit the garden sometimes). We shall have to see what happens.

2. Equally as exciting are these flowering Primula prolifera. Grown from seed kindly provided by Jim a few years ago, this is the first time they’ve flowered.

3. Continuing the yellow theme, the self seeding California Poppies out in the south facing front garden are out in all their blazing orange-tinged glory.

4. Now you may or may not remember my Escallonia hedge woes. Patches of the hedge that we share with a neighbour have become bare and brittle in recent years, the leaves falling prematurely with leaf spot. While the neighbour sprayed his half of the hedge with something, I’ve been regularly watering and feeding our half since March. There are signs of fresh new growth along the whole of the hedge but I fancy our half has more flowers, far more than it had last year, and they’re proving very popular with the bees. Fingers crossed it can be saved.

5. Up next, another Geum. ‘Lemon Delight’ was purchased from Dorset Perennials back in January. It’s rather dainty and a little shy compared to the bolder “hey look at me” varieties such as ‘Scarlet Tempest’ and ‘Mrs Bradshaw,’ but just as lovely. I purchased another Geum from them last week, despite claiming I was going to refrain from acquiring any more.

6. And finally… More of the Dutch Iris are coming into bloom, including this white one that almost glows at dusk.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (29 May 2021)

  1. Well, I’ve fallen in love with the Geum. I haven’t seen it here, but will definitely keep a lookout for that one. I feel your pain re Escallonia hedges as I’ve had to pull out five plants that eventually gave up and died. Time to add new soil and replant some more in the gaping hole!

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  2. A lovely selection of pretty things this week. I share your excitement of the robin moving in to your fetching nest box, we’ve had a similar story with great-tits but I’ve yet to get a decent photo, it’s a very sweet capture of the robin you’ve got. Good job on the Escallonia, TLC clearly does more good that spraying chemicals, and for the bees it’s obviously much better.

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    1. Fingers crossed the hedge recovers fully. The bit of hedge we see most when sat on the sofa is the neighbour’s half so I may start feeding and watering his side. Photographing birds is tricky – the vast majority of my shots of them end up blurry (as is this one if you zoom in!)

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    1. I was planning on clipping this one a little as it’s only just started to get a bit too big (it’s been trained as a climber). The one out the front (a deeper yellow and more shrub than climber) has been chopped back to the ground a few times to regenerate it. Despite the books advising against such heavy pruning it recovered fine.

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  3. Like Fred, I was surprised to see your California poppies flowering so early. I think they are such a great touch in the garden, and just the colourway to go with ALL your lovely geums.

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  4. You mentioned magpies being a threat to the robin. Many years ago, I saw two huge magpies “buzzing” a blue tit that was looking after several young that had hatched in our nesting box. I went to work rather worried that the little ones wouldn’t survive but that evening, I saw the rather ragged parent back on duty apparently not too badly injured. Anyway, your escallonia looks very healthy. I’m near to having mine removed since it is too unruly. Maybe just a good pruning.

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