Six on Saturday (5 June 2021)

It’s getting a lot trickier to choose just six things for Six on Saturday. After a slow start the garden appears to have moved up a gear, offering new surprises every day. This gardener has also moved up a gear, tackling a few jobs he has been putting off for a while. Tulips (and an ants’ nest) were removed from pots and replaced with tomato plants and several trays of annuals. An overly rampant climber that was beginning to weigh down a section of trellis was chopped back rather severely. And a rather sickly aphid infested Black Lace Elder has been tackled the past few evenings (the sparrows, so diligent at searching out aphids on all the other plants, have tended to ignore these for some reason).

I’m now impatient for the foliage of the daffs and other spring flowering bulbs to die back so I can make a start planting out the dahlias and late flowering annuals that are currently occupying the swing seat and garden bench, safe out of the reach of the slimy ones. However, perhaps I should make the most of this brief respite and simply enjoy the garden. If I could only find something to sit on…

1. First up this week, Alliums. I planted a mixed pack of them last autumn, including some more Purple Sensation. It’s possibly my favourite Allium, although the flowers don’t tend to last as long as those of other varieties.

2. This silver-leafed daisy out in the front garden was acquired way back when from that free nursery up in North Wales (my parents’ garden). It’s been flowering away for many weeks now and is still going strong.

3. Another plant that started its life at the old ancestral home up in Wales is this Geranium. I thought I’d been a bit ruthless keeping it in check last summer but the purple beauty has bounced back.

4. Another week, another Dutch Iris. This is from a pack of ‘Metallic Mixture’ planted in the autumn. I suspect more will feature over the coming weeks.

5. Next up, a lupin. One of my lupins, grown from seed back in 2017, is in full flower but the one pictured is ‘Persian Slipper.’ It’s stouter and more curvy of leaf than other varieties. As nice as lupins are in flower I think I prefer them at this stage, although the bees don’t.

6. And finally… Do you remember the rather shoddily grafted mini-standard ‘Friesia’ rose I purchased online during the first lockdown? Well, despite the dubious graft it’s doing rather well.

I still have it strapped up though, just in case. Here it is from another angle.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Right, I’m off to prepare for a talk via Zoom later this morning. I’ve not given an online talk before; finger’s are crossed that it isn’t a complete disaster.


26 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (5 June 2021)

  1. It’s nice to see the daisy flowering away – I have something similar, if not the same. I’ve never been sure of the name of it (possible an Anthemis?), but just call it Derbyshire Daisy as that’s where it came from!

    The Lupin looks very nice indeed!

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  2. The Dutch iris is a stunner, well actually I like everything you’ve feature here. I’m very excited that my iris, in a pot, are in bud – I thought they wouldn’t flower. I am a fan of the blue/violet contrasted with orange planting scheme: I have the same with a geranium and yet another geum. Like Gill, am also curious as to what your orange number is, is it a geum too? Good luck with the talk, is it on a gardening subject or from another walk of life?

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    1. It’s a Helianthemum (although I can never remember or spell that so usually refer to it as a rock rose). It was in my first draft of this SoS but got swapped for the iris at the last minute. I’ll probably include it next week instead. The talk is done thank goodness – work related (the joys of archives) rather than plant related. Talking to a light/camera was a bit disconcerting!

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  3. I love a hardy geranium, any colour, any size, they are such good value and that blue is lovely. Can’t have enough. I have some of those silver leaved daisies, they spread beautifully – our have climbed down a wall at the front of the house and are busy making their way into the lane. Lupins – can’t stand ’em. Sorry.

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    1. It was sold as a single stemmed plant. They reckon the foliage is better if chopped back every so often (it certainly has been with the Golden Tower elder) but I want to keep this one as a single stem. I may have to experiment with my pruning and see what happens. If the flowers survive the aphids I’ll include it in a future SoS.


  4. I think your daisy could be Anthemis – Sicilian chamomile. Mine has been flowering for a while now and it is such an easy plant to propagate. Your geranium is pretty – Rozanne? Mine has just produced its first flower and should now hopefully flower for months. Another gorgeous iris. I have been falling in love with them. So many colours.

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  5. Oooooh, that Iris is a real beauty Graeme. I really like that colour combination. Glad the swing seat continues to fox those slimy pests.

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