Six on Saturday (12 June 2021)

It’s a fast-paced, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Six on Saturday today. Alas, there’s no time to show off my newly clipped box balls, share my continuing Black Lace Elder aphid woes or provide an update on the nesting robins (although they got down and jiggy with it the other day). Oh no, I’m curtailing the preambleage and cutting to the chase.

1. And we start with Aquilegia, After a slow start they’re finally up, up and away, including this yellow variety, grown from a packet of seed that came free with The Garden News magazine a few years ago. If flowers made a sound I reckon these would make a wooshing noise. They’re like floral shooting stars.

2. Back in the spring of 2020 I planted a packet of Ixia bulbs of various hues. None of them made an appearance come the summer and I’d presumed that was that. However, this solitary specimen has popped up. I’m not sure I’d bother with them again, but the bees seem to like the flowers.

3. Another week, another ‘Metallic Mixture’ Iris, a yellowy-pinkish-brown one. Alas, they’ve not been quite as mixed as the Thompson and Morgan illustration led me to believe.

I’m beginning to suspect there aren’t going to be any reds, lilacs and dark purples pictured below. The Irises that have flowered thus far (the yellow variety above and the blue lot from last week) aren’t even pictured. It’s ever so slightly disappointing but hey-ho.

4. Up next, a Rock Rose or Helianthemum that made a cameo appearance in last week’s SoS. It’s another one of those plants acquired from the free nursery up in North Wales, with ruffled, crepe paper petals of red and yellow iridescenciness.

5. The almost metallic looking flowers of Allium Christophii have gradually been opening up in the back garden. They’re a new batch planted last November to replace those that have disappeared over the years. Fingers are crossed that these will gradually spread.

6. And finally…. the big blowsy fragrant flowers of ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent.’ A standard rose, this is her second year in the garden and so far she has remained black spot and aphid free.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at

30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (12 June 2021)

  1. Thanks a lovely selection of colour you have this week! Those metallic iris look amazing, but what a pity you didn’t get a wider selection of colours! The rock Rose is a lovely shade of pink, as is the Rose. I spied the lupins in your first photo with the aquilegia what a stunning colour they are!

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  2. The yellow aquilegia look beautiful, particularly against the background of the blue painted shed. Sorry to hear about your aphid woes. Some years one plant just gets badly hit for no apparent reason. I’ve not seen any lupin aphid this year (yet) and last year they were everywhere.

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  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely rose, I like everything about it. Does she smell nice? I’m a big fan of helianthemum, glad this one has got its moment in the limelight. Sorry about your iris disappointment, some people just can’t be trusted!

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  4. I agree with Hortus that the shed makes a marvellous background, both for the aquilegias and the lupins, great combo. I’ve noticed fewer Allium Christophii than I expected this year – I think they look great, and like your description of them as almost metallic. Fabulous iris, even if you didn’t quite get what you were hoping for.

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  5. What a gorgeous six this is. Loved reading about them, and especially enjoyed the helianthemum flower. Pity about the irises, but the ones you did get are rather special. More exotic alliums are quite expensive here, and I haven’t indulged any. Perhaps I should…..

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  6. Your Metallic Mixture iris is lovely. I enjoy your descriptions of the flowers – the allium is indeed “almost metallic” and the yellow aquilegia does suggest a “floral shooting star.” The helianthemum is doing well. I had one of a similar hue that disappeared after its first season in my garden.

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  7. Black spot and aphid free that is what I like to hear. Mine had to have a ‘shampoo and bud massage’ to rid them of those pesky little things, and the plants got a good hosing at the same time.

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  8. I have had a clump of Ixia ‘Venus’ doing well at the foot of the south side of my 16 ft fastigiate yew for years, so sun baked and very very dry. They did so well I planted some yellow ones and they’ve settled in and are flowering too.

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