Six on Saturday (26 June 2021)

This month seems to be flying by and I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much gardening-wise of late. Though the forget-me-nots have been pulled up, I’ve yet to plant out most of the annuals or the dahlias. I’m not entirely sure where everything is going to go, a ‘problem’ made ever trickier after additional plants were acquired from the free nursery up in Wales last weekend (you can have a nose around the grounds of ‘the old ancestral home’ here).

Before I risk planting any of the Zinnias or Dahlias I need to brew a garlic solution to spray on them in an attempt to make their leaves less irresistible to the gourmet gastropods. At least that’s the theory. I also need to sow a few more biennials and up the aphid patrols (the little divils have discovered the few remaining stems of the beleaguered Buddleia now). It seems to have been a bad year for aphids… well, for gardeners anyway, it’s obviously proving to be a great year for the aphids themselves. One task I am managing to keep on top of (just about) is deadheading, and that leads me to my first Six on Saturday…

1. Planted last year, this standard Rosa Flower Carpet Ruby ‘Noafeuer’ has begun to burst into flower. Demure it ain’t.

2. A few years ago I gave my mum an Ox Eye Daisy or two for her wildlife border. They have seeded themselves about here there and everywhere. In my small garden I have to keep a close eye on it, pulling up seedlings every so often to keep it in check. It is lovely, though it can be prone to toppling over without any support.

3. I’m hoping this Lily will still be standing come the evening. A new fence post might be going in at the back of the border later and getting there without causing any damage isn’t going to be easy (it’s one of the reasons why I’ve delayed planting any of the annuals).

4. I certainly don’t hold out much hope for this Antirrhinum growing nearby. A survivor from last year’s batch of ‘Circus Clowns,’ I think flattenage is inevitable.

5. Next up, a Rockrose. A yellow one, growing in the south facing front garden. It’s taken quite a few years to get going but it’s doing really well now.

6. And finally… This fragrant Chandos Beauty Rose was planted in the patio bed back in December. Fingers are crossed that it does okay here as the soil is a little gravelly and dry. Some more organic matter will be added in the autumn.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (26 June 2021)

  1. I get quite anxious when I’ve still got annuals and Dahlias to go out, I managed to get most planted now and feel relieved, except for the fact that the slugs of course now have full access – do let us know if the garlic spray works, I am getting desperate, organic pellets might have to be put out but I’d rather not. Love the oxeye daisies, they spread but look lovely, and good luck with the lily and fence post issue.

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      1. I had put out some dahlias but didn’t think carefully enough about location. Two of them are being choked for space by a prolific Geranium Johnson Blue. Must do better! 😜

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  2. There is nothing worth than flattenage! Beautiful snapdragon, can’t be bothered to try to spell anthr…., I will keep my fingers crossed for it. I must also make some garlic sprayey stuff, how do you make yours, do you boil it or not? Lovely roses. Have a great week.

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  3. You mention putting in a fence post, I assume doing it yourself? There are a few jobs in my garden that could do with a big strong person helping, but they are often not so aware of the delicate plants nearby. 😖😱 Lovely, healthy, colourful plants, as always.

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  4. Ox Eye Daisies are lovely and yes self-seed everywhere! I have them in my car park area now after they grew in the Cornish hedge, but they look so lovely I haven’t the heart to pull them out. They do get flattened and definitely don’t belong in the hedge, but I’m kind of letting it do its own thing for a year or two now. Your last rose is a perfect rose shape.

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      1. Oh, yes, I know that one too! I struggled with seeds to get Erigeron karvinskianus to grow and ended up buying 5 seedlings from Sarah Raven. It has now spread to such an extent that it has overcome a few other plants in the garden!

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  5. I love the Chandos Beauty rose – all cool and serene and the daisies are so simple and pretty. Your lily seems to have escaped the attentions of the lily beetle grubs (or maybe they are all in my garden). I hope your project went well and your snapdragon survived.

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  6. I’ve done the forget-me-not removal too. Was quite a big job this year as I’d let them seed a lot. I’ve got ox-eyes too that are flowering now sprawling through everything. Messy but appreciated by the wildlife. I keep saying I need to cut back the self seeding plants but means the border is always a little different from one year to the next.

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