Six on Saturday (10 July 2021)

July, like June, seems to be racing by and I feel like I’m getting a bit behind with this and that. There are robust looking weeds/wildflowers growing here and there that need pulling up. Some of the Geraniums, Geums and Ox Eye daisies that have gone over need chopping back. And I still haven’t planted many of the annuals nor any of the Dahlias. I also need to get a move on and sow a few Sweet Williams for next year. Talking of which…

1. The Sweet Bills have flowered a lot later this year, not helped by someone taking rather a long time to get around to planting them out. They’ve also turned out to be predominantly pink thus far. Hopefully a few more varieties will make themselves known soon. They’re unfussy things and don’t seem to mind a slightly shady spot.

2. Neither do these Anemone leveillei that are growing close by. Planted back in early spring, they were so small when they arrived in the post I wasn’t totally convinced they’d make it. But behold! Flowers, although the petals seem a lot narrower than those pictured on the Interweb.

3. In the same border is this compact Hydrangea ‘Miss Belgium.’ Her blooms are at my favourite stage, when the lime green petals are just beginning to flush pink.

4. Continuing the unintentional shady-ish border Six on Saturday theme is another new plant. Back in the winter I sent off for some ‘first grade roots’ of this dwarf Alstilbe ‘Rock and Roll.’ There are three in total and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the red-stemmed fernyesque foliage. The fluffy white flowers are proving to be more of an added bonus. It was chosen partly for its short stature and partly for the name as my wife enjoys rock and roll dancing (alas, she’s had to make do with me as a dance partner since the pandemic pandemonium). A groan-worthy flower joke can be found here.

5. Next up, Bloody Cranesbill or Geranium sanguineum, growing in a sunny spot in the garden. First acquired from that free nursery up in North Wales, it’s been split several times over the years.

6. And finally… A mere snail’s throw away from the geranium (which isn’t that far the way I throw) is this rather striking Poppy ‘Shirley Single Mixed,’ grown from a packet of free seed. I must sow the rest next year.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


34 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (10 July 2021)

  1. Geranium sanguineum is one I especially like. I have it around the garden but have most enjoyed seeing it growing in the wild on The Burren in Co. Clare.

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      1. In my defence I’ve been out ballroom dancing, done some sequence dancing and even went along to some Argentine Tango glasses (until the teacher decided to demonstrate the ‘intimate hold’ with me and it was decided we might have stumbled into a sort of swingers thing and never returned!)

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  2. I don’t know if I would have hydrangea flowers this summer because the winter was so strange and brutal at the end of the season. Very original colour of this poppy and it’s not often that I see a white Astilbe: rather the pinks and purples are the most common here

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  3. I like the joke too. 🀣 That’s a most unusual poppy, it’s been a good year for them. Lovely colours again although I have to say that I prefer my Astilbe to yours……but only because Mr Propagator gave it to me. 🀭

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  4. Some great plants this week, I’d like to get some Sweet Williams in the garden, but only if they are relatively slug-proof (running out of patience). I have a few dwarf Astilbes too, and they are most lovely – I remember the first time I heard that joke on you blog, it’s a good ‘un!

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    1. I have grown Sweet Williams in pots (tulip toppers) and I cut them back at the end of last year and they have flowered again this year, not for as long though. Didn’t seem to be bothered by the S&S. Not sure how well they’d cope in the ground.

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  5. I play how far can you throw a snail, I’m getting good at it! I can see why you chose that picture of the Shirley Poppy to end on a high. Picture perfect!

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  6. That’s a lovely poppy – and for free too! Sadly the ones I sowed have either not germinated or have been eaten. Perhaps they’ll show up when I cut the peony foliage back 😦 I didn’t know you could get dwarf astilbe – I only have the taller pink ones (those white ones are on my Wish List now).

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  7. I love that astilbe, I wish I could grow them. The Anemone leveillei is so pretty too, I should be interested to hear if you can keep yours going, mine always disappear. What a fabulous poppy.

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  8. Lovely six – it’s hard to choose a favourite. The Alstilbe (and joke!) is very nice and the poppy is unusual and very pretty. I planted some Sweet Williams many years ago and due to laziness never pulled them up. They are their offspring are still growing and flowering.

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  9. Your pink Sweet Bills are pretty. Mine are the usual white, white/maroon, red combinations. Pretty much finished off by all the rain this year. I wonder if I can get another year out of them if I take some cuttings? Had to go and remind myself of the joke, it still made me LOL πŸ€— and more to the point my two Astilbes (also dwarf I think) are flowering better this year – one red, one white. I’d love a pink one. Been busy untangling bindweed from them this morning! AArgh!

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