Six on Saturday (14 August 2021)

A quick Six on Saturday today without preamble or preramble. There are bags to pack and a train to catch and, as usual, I’ve left everything to the last minute.

1. First up, a Penstemon, one that magically appeared in the garden last year. I must have planted it but I have no idea what it’s called. Cuttings will soon be taken.

2. Remember the tale of the Hibiscus? What was that? How could you forget as I post a link to it every year. Well here it is again anyway. It was planted to help provide a bit of privacy when sat on the swing seat. However, this exotic bloomed beauty has proved to be a painfully slow grower (or I’m just impatient) and so got dug up in the spring and plonked in a pot. It doesn’t seem to have minded but hopefully it won’t get too settled as it’s going back into the ground again come the autumn.

3. Now my next SoS has proved to be the complete opposite to the Hibiscus growth-wise. When I chopped back the Sambucus ‘Golden Tower’ in January I was a little concerned it would take a while to bounce back.

I needn’t have worried. Despite all the fresh new growth the aphids have proved far less troublesome than last summer, setting up home on the ‘Black Lace’ Elder instead.

4. Next up is one of my purchases from the Taunton Flower Show: Allium angulasum. I’ve just been looking it up online and apparently it’s also called ‘Mouse Garlic.’ Intriguingly, Ballyrobert Gardens writes “Can be used for cooking but poisons in large numbers.” I think I’ll stick to admiring its flowers rather than eating it.

5. A few months ago I was pondering getting shot of this new rose. The first flush of flowers were a bitter disappointment, barely opening and turning brown around the edges. However, Minerva has cracked it this time, producing fragrant purpley blooms. All has been forgiven.

6. And finally… a golden yellow Crocosmia. ‘Columbus’ I think. I do like a yellow Crocosmia and more will feature over the next few weeks.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Right, where did I put the train tickets?


13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (14 August 2021)

  1. Beautiful selection of flowers. Liking the purple rose and the hibiscus. I’m a fan of crocosmia. Combined together yellow, orange and red, you get the autumn colours ☺. Safe journey and hope you’ll have fun on your trip.

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  2. That’s impressive growth from the Sambucus, we grew one in the past but it faded away. May try again. I planted Allium angulosum last year and have been impressed by it this summer, was thinking to plant more. Haven’t tried eating it yet. I dug up and replanted my hibiscus last winter, having knocked all the peat compost off the roots. It seems much happier. Roots too wet in winter maybe?

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  3. Minerva has an interesting color and shape. Unusual. I wouldn’t eat anything that is poisonous if you use too much either! I’d wonder, just how much is too much and does it depend on a person’s weight? I don’t want to worry when I cook!

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  4. The yellow crocosmia and the purple rose look lovely together! And that is a rather nice Penstemon, hope you discover what it is called! My Sour Grapes has been slow this year, I think I need to move it to a sunnier and less crowded spot. Enjoy your hols!

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