Six on Saturday (4 September 2021)

Online plant purveyors are a canny lot. Despite a determination to remain strong and resist their cunning Bank Holiday free postage offers I ended up having a nose at this and that and before I knew it I’d ended up with Digitalis ‘Dusky Maid,’ Penstemon ‘Wedding Day,’ Rosa ‘Timeless Purple,’ Geranium ‘Lily Lovell’ and a fifth thing that I can’t remember. Some of them arrived yesterday and have been safely potted up.

As well as unplanned point and click plant purchases I managed to spend some time simply enjoying the garden as promised. The sun actually made an appearance on Sunday (as did a dragonfly) and Mrs OMAHGT and I visited a Sunflower field that afternoon, snipping the odd flower for some indoor sunshine. After a rubbish Summer weather-wise, fingers are crossed for an Indian Summer (aren’t they always?) and next week’s forecast certainly looks promising for both gardeners and six-legged wingy things, which leads me to my first Six on Saturday…

1. Ver-bee-na. I know, I know. I’ll turn myself in to the Poor Plant Punning Police later today. This photo was taken last Sunday. The Verbena has been flowering for months now and hopefully will go on flowering for some time to come yet.

2. Another week, another Crocosmia. When we moved here I spent a few years getting shot of an orange variety that was taking over the garden. A few years later I got a completely different orange variety that sort of looks the same as the one I got shot of and yet is totally different… I think. This is ‘Ping Pong.’

3. I always forget I have Gladioli for some reason. Purchased from Wilko a few years ago, they’ve proved very reliable but have a tendency to topple as soon as the flowers open. The Gladioli Byzantinus I planted in early Spring have yet to make an appearance.

4. Now this was a surprise. I don’t know how this Love-in-the-mist got here (I certainly didn’t sow it) and yet here it is. I didn’t think I was a Nigella fan but having inspected it up close I think I’ve changed my mind.

5. Aster frikartii ‘Jungfrau’ has been getting bigger and better each year. I must split it in the Spring to spread it’s lilac loveliness/lovely lilaciness (delete as appropriate) around the garden.

6. And finally… a miracle. All of the Dahlias I left in the ground over winter snuffed it. I bought a few new tubers and these, together with some that were overwintered in pots, appeared to be doing really well initially but then things started to go awry. Inevitably some were munched by slugs and snails but others just seemed to stall, perhaps due to a lack of sun and warmth. I was beginning to fear none would flower. But behold! ‘Honka Fragile,’ planted as a tuber in the Spring, has bloomed. Fingers crossed ‘Honka Red’, a survivor from last year, makes it to flowerhood soon.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Oooh – I’ve remembered the fifth plant purchase: Pulmonaria ‘Sissinghurst White.’


33 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (4 September 2021)

  1. I might be wrong, but the photo of yourself and your missus in the sunflower field looks like it has a bit of sunshine present. I’m not sure how you managed that – we haven’t seen the sun for many weeks now!

    Anyway, the picture of the bee is fantastic – you can see every hair! I think Nigella are one of those plants that reward closer inspection, so it sort of depends on what mood you’re in as to whether you like them or not.

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  2. Lovely picture of you and your other half. I think visits to sunflower and lavender fields is a must every summer. A new fan of crocosmia, ping-pong looks good. Can’t go wrong with nigella, bees love it.

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  3. Snap for the bee on Verbena photo this week, except yours comes with a witty pun! What a glorious sunflower field, it seems one no longer needs to travel to the south of France to see these, are you lucky enough to have one very near you? How nice to have a Dahlia do what it’s supposed to do, appear and flower and not be eaten.

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  4. So nice to see a picture of you both, something that rarely seems to happen in blogs.
    Someone once laughed (quite derisively, I thought at the time, I’ve got over it now) for having a verbena bonariensis in my garden as it grows all over the place here, particularly along the roadside. I really like it for its structure, and your pic complete with bee, is wonderful. The dahlia also, is lovely.

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  5. Your Honka is very pretty. And I am glad you got to relax in your lovely garden, hopefully you turfed the plants off that swing seat! And yes to the cunning Bank Holiday free postage offers – I had sworn off buying any new plants having completed my bulb orders, but three Penstemon ‘Alice Hindley’ found their way into my basket. Supposedly reliable and easy to grow, we’ll see, They are very tiny plants, now potted up to get on with growing more roots so they can go out into the garden in the spring. 🤞🏻 Your Gladioli byzantinus may take a while to settle, but they should flower next spring. And ‘Lily Lovell’ is gorgeous!

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    1. I had to look up Penstemon ‘Alice Hindley’ after reading this and was relieved to discover I have one, or one that is very similar. I always forget how small plants postal plants will be. Fingers crossed yours and mine make it though the winter. That’s encouraging regarding the byzantinus.

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      1. Yes, I was a bit shocked by the size of these especially at the price! I somehow thought they would be in 9cm pots. I really need to start buying plants from local nurseries where I can see what I am buying.

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  6. I’m quite good at resisting the special offers. Fat lot of good it does me, an addiction to plant buying has to be sated and both online and local nurseries end up with plenty of my money. I have the common Montbretia coming up in the middle of my bamboo clump this year! Completely baffles me how it got there.

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      1. It has the clarity of flower colour that many of the cultivars lack. Many are wishy washy bluish/purplish/pinkish while this is a clear white. Very attractive.

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  7. Wow! I like your number 6 – the Dahlia! it is very pretty! Lovely photos of the sunflowers, and you and your wife, and the photo of the sunflower with the bees in attendance is another wow! I have never thought of growing Nigella before but your close up photo of the flower has convinced me I need to look into growing some.

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