Six on Saturday (25 September 2021)

A fleeting Six on Saturday today as I have leaky water butt issues. Argos sent me two new water butts last year despite only paying for one, resulting in a brief moral dilemma. The little shoulder angel won out over the little shoulder devil (unlike a few years ago when I was deciding how much of the patio to take up), I alerted them to the error and they came and took the surplus one away. Now that WB-4 has developed a tiny hairline crack I’m rather regretting my decision. Ah well, time for Six on Saturday.

1. And we start with a close up of a Japanese Anemone ‘Whirlwind.’ It’s very similar to ‘Honorine Jobert’ that featured the other week but has more petals.

2. Sown from a packet of left over Wilko seed from last year, these Chrysanthemums have been flowering for months now. Allegedly ‘Eastern Star,’ this year’s batch hasn’t produced a flower remotely resembling the illustration on the packet either.

3. There are several Scabious/Scabiousses in the garden of varying hues, including this lovely lilac variety. Pardon? Is that a Gaura in the background? Well spotted, it is indeed.

4. The fluttering blooms (or flooms) of ‘Sparkle White’ appear to dance around in the slightest breeze. Getting a non-blurry shot has taken a while.

5. Next up, Linaria vulgaris (or Common Toad Flax). Sown from seed many years ago, I was a bit half-hearted in my attempts at keeping it in check last year and it has taken full advantage, spreading about even more than usual. I half expect them to start talking.

6. And finally… At long last a second Dahlia has flowered. ‘Honka Red’ is a survivor from last year and was well worth the wait. Little floral windmills of loveliness they are. Will any of the other Dahlias flower before the first frosts strike? I’m not getting my hopes up.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (25 September 2021)

    1. Yes, Kind Hearts and Corydalis has kindly offered to arrange a room in an appropriate institution for me! I’ve just purchased a new water butt although it’s black rather than green so might have to get swapped with one my others so that it blends in better with the green fence. Unless I paint the fence black which would actually help the wheelie bin to blend in more. Hmm…

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  1. Your close up of the anemone is very good; it really captures the details that make the centers of these flowers so compelling. The scabious is another plant I don’t believe I’ve paid enough attention to. Lately, a flower’s interest for me has a lot to do with its popularity with the pollinators.

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  2. That Common Toadflax is a much admired and rare native wildflower – or, perhaps, it is a garden escapee which has established itself. There are several patches on a roadside near me.

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      1. I am definitely gong to look for some toadflax seed – could I grow it in a pot? I grew some ragged robin in a pot quite successfully this year and have collected some seed to try again next year.

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  3. I rather like any plant that has the temerity to come back each year (no, dandelions I am not talking about you, nor you, bindweed), if anything can escape the attentions of the S&S then they have my approval.

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  4. That is a beautiful shot of the anemone! I love the look of the Scabiosa too. The toadflax is a childhood memory for me as my Mom grew them in her garden. I eventually tracked down a local source of seed, but after two attempts I have still not had any success. The last of the seed was planted last week. Fingers crossed I get some of the seed to germinate.

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