Six on Saturday (16 October 2021)

A brief Six on Saturday today as I’m about to set off for Lanhydrock, Cornwall… once I’ve figured out the trains to Bodmin.

1. First up is a Japanese Anemone ‘Wild Swan’ that was planted in the spring. It looks just as good from the back as it does the front.

2. There are a number of tender plants I’m planning on digging up soon and overwintering in the mini greenhouse, including several Osteospermum, grown from cuttings last year.

3. Growing nearby are these Cosmos. ‘Fizzy’ I think. The Cosmos have been something of a disappointment this year, most not really doing much of anything. I suspect these flowers will have been nibbled soon. In fact, is that a snail hiding in the flower on the left?

4. Continuing the tale of disappointment is this Black Eyed Susan ‘Sunset Shades.’ Grown from seed, they appeared to be doing really well initially but then vanished without trace. “So what’s this?” you ask. Ah, this one is growing in my mother-in-law’s garden, along with the others I gave her. All thriving… and bloomy. Pah!

5. Up next, a free Fuchsia (the best kind). Received as a cutting from a friend earlier this year, ‘Hawkshead’ is doing rather well.

6. And finally… Some casualties of the Zinnia ‘Jazzy,’ Calendula ‘Snow Princess’ and Chrysanthemum kind that are adding some indoor floral cheer in a little budvase.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


35 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (16 October 2021)

  1. It’s frustrating when things are disappointing and you can’t work out why; I did two sowings of Cosmos, the early lot were hopeless, the later really good. As Andrew says, peculiar things. Having said which, those in your picture look great, mine are all over and gone.

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  2. I was at an HPS meeting this morning, and the non performace of Cosmos was a matter of interest. You are not alone. Hope you squashed that little snail.

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  3. My cosmos have been dire! In fact all my container plants underperformed this year. Hope you enjoyed Lanhydrock – was there a special reason for visiting today? We haven’t been for a while, but it has a lovely garden, especially in spring.

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    1. My wife is doing a 3 day course in Liskeard and I came down late Friday to keep her company in the evenings. I’m heading back early tomorrow to make sure the tea is prepared for her return. We visited Lanhydrock a number of years ago. I’d forgotten how nice it was, even the house.

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  4. Your ‘Wild Swan’ is really beautiful. Also the white fuschia. I’ve never tried growing black-eyed Susan vine. This is quite a pretty colour; I wonder whether it’s more finicky than the usual brighter hues?

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