Six on Saturday (8 January 2022)

A blink and you’ll possibly miss it Six on Saturday today. And we’re diving straight in with…

1. The fragrant flowers of a Coronilla that are adding some cheer during the winter gloom. This is the paler yellow variety (subsp. glauca ‘Citrina’) that’s usually sold as a climber. What was that? Didn’t you show us this back in November? I did, and I suspect you’ll be seeing it again over the next few months.

2. Planted last September, these Cyclamen coum have been smothered by Foxgloves and were completely forgotten about until recently. Rounder of leaf than the Cyclamen hederifolium (although it took me a while to figure this out) the Foxgloves will be moved to another spot in the not so distant future. I’m hoping I haven’t missed the flowering stage.

3. Despite a very brief cold snap (still no frost mind you) it’s been a very mild winter so far down here. Quite a few plants have jumped the gun, including ‘Miss Belgium’ who was still sporting her old foliage until fairly recently. If frost doesn’t get these new leaves then the secateurs will come the spring.

4. It’s not the only plant that’s a little early. I’m assuming this is a Narcissi of some kind.

5. Next up, rose hips. I’ve taken a photograph of these most weeks but end up swapping them for something else at the last minute. Not this week.

6. And finally… another fragrant flowerer. The Lonicera fragrantissima is in full bloom and has been visited by the odd bee of late. I think that’s a tiny fly on the flower on the right.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (8 January 2022)

  1. I certainly won’t complain if we revisit the Coronilla at some point! There should be plenty of time to see the C. coum flowers – it’s usually an early spring sort of event.

    It’s interesting to see things being eager to get into growth; I’ve not noticed it so much in the garden, but on the allotment suite a few things are. A few of the leeks are going to flower when they would usually be fine for a couple of months.

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  2. Here it has not (or little bit) frozen but despite everything I don’t have such beautiful green shoots on my hydrangeas… they are rather brown … I think the wind must have made them suffer. Very nice photo with the seed head on the background: bravo! The cyclamens are at the state of leaves at the moment and the flowers will arrive at the beginning of spring: no problem… Patience!

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  3. Coronilla certainly will brighten any given day. Daffodils with buds and new shoots on hydrangeas? Definifely, a milder winter. Nothing much going on in my patch except for emerging spring bulbs. Think my cyclamen has flowered in November/December. Maybe they’re more winter cyclamen. Exciting to see new growths though. Nice photo of the rosehips.

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  4. I do like the Coronilla , but where can I find room? My winter honeysuckle doesn’t appear to be very fragrant, but the flowers are only just appearing and I think it needs some warmth to release the scent – sadly my shrub is in full shade during the winter and flowering period.

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  5. I really like the Coronilla,especially the shade of the yellow flowers. I have not come across it before. Cyclamen rank high in my list of favourite plants, especially after I had seen them growing under trees in the UK. I had only ever known them as indoor plants prior to that. It is inspiring seeing new growth appearing. The rose hips are really lovely too.

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  6. Your Coronilla is the star right now, and you’ve done well to squeeze two winter flowering shrubs in – I find I give up a bit on winter interest in the garden and prefer to save the space for a spring, summer or autumn display but feel envious nonetheless!

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