Six on Saturday (15 January 2022)

The garden designers of yesteryear

Had never had to reason

Just where to hang out sodden clothes

In their vast expansive Edens.

‘Capability’ Brown et al had had it rather easy,

The thought of accommodating laundered smalls

Would probably have made ’em queasy.

One Man and His Garden Trowel

My nemesis, the rotary washing line, was the cause of some discord the other week. The whole garden is designed around the washing line to ensure unobstructed laundry drying. However, it appears that a mini quarter standard rose was planted a little too close, resulting in an incident whereby a sheet became repeatedly snagged on its thorns. There was damage, but thankfully not to the rose, which has since been pruned back a little. Now in my defense, it was blowing a gale at the time, but perhaps I should have factored in stormy sheet billowage (oh the joy of hindsight). The washing line is also indirectly responsible for my first Six on Saturday…

1. The sorry state of the lawn. There are some stepping stones across it to avoid setting foot on all the monocotyledons, but alas, the location of the pesky rotary washing line (slap bang in the middle of the circular lawn) often requires the large footed gardener to go cross country when damp garments are hung out to dry. Fine in the summer. Not so good at this time of the year when the lawn is decidedly squelchy. Miraculously some of the Crocus that were planted in it back in the autumn of 2020 have survived and come up again, although I suspect most will be stood on before the spring.

2. And there are more and more signs of bulby life to be found elsewhere in the garden. It’s rather cheering.

3. As is this new indoor addition: Primula obconica ‘Morrisons.’

4. Next up, a Christmas present. A wealth of information on all things pesky to plants, this is proving to be an interesting read, although it’s probably not a book to peruse when eating your tea or before heading to bed (some of the pictures of garden pests are a bit too up close and personal for my sensitive disposition).

5. This close-up won’t be putting me off my tea or causing nightmares though. Bolt has weathered nicely since he was acquire a few years ago.

6. And finally… a Viola, possibly the most cheerful plant you’ll find in the garden at this time of year.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


31 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (15 January 2022)

  1. I had a good chuckle at your rotary washing line nemesis – did you write the poem? Very good! I have similar problems here with the washing line and Rosa Compassion getting too close for comfort. And I hope that Bolt is a nemesis for your S&S population. I haven’t got to the pests and diseases section of the RHS course yet, that book looks like it will help you along nicely.

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  2. Any room for a long pergola that you could string a washing line beneath when required? We string our washing lines across the patio, using carabina clips on either end to hook into screw-in eyes on both sheds, and remove them when not in use. Alternatively (good on hot summer days) we have one of those wooden clothes airers on a pulley hung below the veranda roof).

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  3. Lovely primula and viola. I am partial to a bit of garden ornament, so Bolt gets a thumbs up from me. The rotary washing line is not mentioned in our house anymore, it is the cause of much disagreement and sneaking overuse of the tumble dryer by MrOG.

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  4. I love your poem! Genius! I too have a rotary washing thingamajig and indeed it needs quite a bit of space around it, hence still keeping a rather weedy bit of lawn. I’m kinda wishing I’d stuck it out in the car park area, but then the pesky sheep would probably eat my sheets…

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  5. I do agree about rotary washing lines, they make me queasy too. I have a retractable one from tree to tree so it’s hidden when not in use. Your book is probably useful, but depressing. I love your primula.

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  6. I imagine that must be the first “Ode to a rotary drier”…very good. I think rhyming posts should be done more often. I’m glad Bolt hasn’t lived up to his name. Anyway, on to the less interesting plants.🤭😉 Your viola closeup is as good as mine!! I’m including another one next week. Excellent Six-on-Saturday as always. 😁

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