Six on Saturday (22 January 2022)

The past week has been decidedly chilly. It’s been rather nice, like what winter days were like when I were’t a lad. Friday was by far the frostiest day and, as luck would have it, I happened to be working from home that day. Come tea break time I nipped out into the garden, phone in hand, and snapped a few frosted foliage photos for Six on Saturday, including this one…

1. Daphne x transatlantica ‘Eternal Fragrance.’ The pink variety. Well, the one that has flowers that are pinky-white as opposed to whitey-pink (you can compare the two here).

2. Taken earlier in the week, this Allium seed head looks as though it’s floating across the border. That’s the other Daphne x transatlantica ‘Eternal Fragance’ behind it… the whitey-pink flowered variety (its still sporting the odd bloom here and there).

3. Over the past couple of summers I’ve bought and planted an Agastache ‘Blackadder.’ Every winter they’ve snuffed it. Back in the autumn I dug this one up and put it in the mini greenhouse. I’m hoping these seedlings are little mini Agastache ‘Blackadders,’ although there’s something oddly familiar about them which makes me wonder whether they might be something totally different. We shall see… if they survive. I’ll have to give this seedhead a shake later to see if there are any seeds lurking.

4. Having spent years secretly wondering what all the fuss over Hellebores was about, I found myself converted back at the beginning of 2021 and ended up ordering four varieties. The gardening devil on my right shoulder encouraged me to buy more, including a rather lovely but pricey yellow variety. The gardening angel on my left shoulder advised caution, suggesting I wait to see how these faired the following year. For once I listened to the little gardening angel. Only one plant is showing any signs of flower buds so far (possibly Helleborus liguricus), although it’s early days yet.

5. Next up, another frosty foliage pic. This time a close up of a Box ball.

6. And finally… yes, it’s Clematis ‘Freckles’ again. I read somewhere that the flowers are fragrant so decided to sniff one of the speckled beauties. I can report they are, although it’s a faint fragrance. The bees seem to love them.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at I may not get a chance to reply to comments or leave comments on other SoSs over the next couple of weeks as I’m frantically studying for exams. In my youth I was something of a last minute revision crammer but I’m not chancing that in my more forgetful middle ageyness. However, normal service will be resumed come the 12 February.


30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (22 January 2022)

  1. I’m frantically revising too ;-). How many units are you doing? I’m just doing two, but it feels like plenty of info to retain! Freckles is lovely, especially for flowering now. Re hellebores, I was also a bit of a skeptic and the pricey ones I bought are looking decidedly like they’ve got chlorosis. Yours seem to be faring better, fingers crossed.

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    1. Chlorosis – lime induced? I’m doing two units as well and it definitely feels like more (plant classification, structure and function and plant health – the latter I’m finding a struggle). I’ve just finished doing my final condensed revision notes today so now it’s a case of reading them over and over again and again and trying to remember the Latin names. Good luck with your revising.

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      1. Could be lime-induced, I just bought myself a soul pH testing kit so hopefully I will find out. Could also be a nitrogen or magnesium deficiency…as recently learnt from the unit Plant Nutrition and the Root Environment which I am doing first along with Plant Classification…I found it really hard to remember the symptoms of nutrient deficiencies as they are so similar yet subtly different until my son advised me to do a drawing (in colour) which really helped – I can picture it in my mind now! It takes time to draw but is so effective as a technique if you are a visual learner.

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  2. You should persist with the hellebores as they are great garden plants. As for Clematis ‘Freckles’ – we had to dig out a plant a few years ago as it had become a rampant giant – nonetheless, a beautiful flower.

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  3. I’m still in the “what’s all the fuss about” bracket with hellebores, even though I’ve been growing them for years. Everybody else seems to have better ones than mine and I really don’t know why. They do fill an empty slot in the gardening calendar though.

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  4. One of the good things about a frost is the photos you can get, the other is that the cold might kill of the molluscs. I don’t have any particularly interesting winter plants other than Hellebores which are only just beginning to bud up and a rather feeble specimen of a winter honeysuckle. Good luck with the exams! After doing a PGCE when I was 50 I vowed never to study anything ever again except for pleasure.

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