Six on Saturday (5 March 2022)

This time last year I’d tidied up my paths, sown some seeds, cleaned the mini greenhouse and given the lawn a trim. I’ve done none of those tasks yet; I’m feeling oddly unmotivated for some reason. However, I did acquire a few bags of peat free compost last Sunday in readiness for sowing this and that. I just need to work out what this and that will be, which leads me swiftly to my first Six on Saturday…

1. Packets of seeds. I’ve yet to look through this lot, mostly collected from the Garden News magazine together with a few recent purchases and some seed collected from the garden. I need to be ruthless, choosing just a dozen varieties or so to… err… sow.

2. A while back I featured the rounded foliage of Cyclamen coum. Well, it has finally bloomed and fingers crossed it’ll spread about a bit in time.

3. Not too far away these Crocus are flowering. I have a feeling they might be a batch planted back in 2020 – something of a miracle as they usually vanish, never to be seen again. It’s surprising what a difference a bit of sun makes, barely open one minute and then full on dazzleage…

4. Dangling above the Crocuses are the feathery seedheads of Clematis ‘Freckles’ looking all yellow and shimmery in the sun earlier in the week.

5. Over on the other side of the garden, near the mini wildlife pond, are a few more Crocuses and this old Hyacinth that has reappeared each spring for several years now.

6. And finally… a Primula elatior (Oxlip) that grows near the pond. I keep meaning to split it. Maybe I’ll get around to it this time.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Right, I’m off to write a strongly worded letter to Channel 5 for bringing about the demise of Neighbours, the long running fly-on-the-wall documentary about the residents of a street in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Teatimes will never be the same again after this summer.


32 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (5 March 2022)

  1. Clematis ‘Freckles’ brings back memories of a past war. It became rampant on us and it took ages to get rid of it as it sprung up here and there after the main plant was removed. Despite that, it was very beautiful.

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  2. And I don’t think you were sitting on the ground testing the temperature to see if the soil was warm enough for sowing when you took that picture of the clematis! Happy seed sowing.

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  3. Lovely bulbs (the purple and yellow crocus is particularly fetching), and the clematis is delightful. I relate to your difficulty with the mountain of seed packets. I figure if I start tomorrow and keep a steady rotation in and out of my mini greenhouse going, I still won’t get through a fraction of what I’ve amassed, but let’s try anyway!

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  4. I started my seeds off in earnest yesterday, like you I have quite a collection. Thank you for the analysis of my ‘bluebell’, I think you are correct and it is a rogue Hyacinth. Oh well! You live and learn!

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  5. Those bright crocus are a joy. I dug up loads last year when we were clearing a bed ( which is now unclear as the weeds have taken over again), but the crocs keep coming up. They are all around the base of the cherry tree, so look lovely – or would if it wasn’t for the weed grass….

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  6. Pretty crocus (looks like Crocus sieberi ‘Tricolor’) which I have, but they always end up flat on their backs. I am waiting until the end of the month to start off any seeds, it’s still far too cold in my unheated conservatory. And goodness knows what I shall have to do to get my Aussie fix! I have been following Neighbours from the start much to my OH’s amusement. Sob, sob… 😥😢😭😨

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    1. I was in the denial stage regarding Neighbours ending. I’m now in the anger phase. Acceptance is a little way off yet. It’s the only soap I’ve stuck with. I’ll miss it. I just hope it doesn’t end with Bouncer waking up we discover the past 36 and a bit years were a dream he’d been having.

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  7. It is always interesting to look back and see what you were doing in past years. I did that yesterday, to check when the tree dahlia ought to be flowering, to realise it’s too early to expect flowers! The crocus are beauties, and the Clematis seeds are lovely!

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  8. Just a few seed packets there! I have to own up to having quite a stash myself. No doubt we will get to see the fruits of your seed sowing later in the year. The crocus are lovely and the photo of the oxlip is very pretty.

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