Six on Saturday (30 April 2022)

The neighbour’s fence that was toppled during Storm Eunice has been repaired. Posts and panels are upright once more and, as far as I can tell, with minimal plant tramplage on this side (although I noticed Gerty the climbing rose had been trussed up to a cane, presumably to minimise risk of injury from our side whilst battling with a Pyracantha on their side). New wires have been attached to the posts in order to tie in and train Gerty once more and the posts will be painted over the weekend once I’ve purchased a tin of green paint from Wilko later today, steering well clear of the plant and seed aisle. What was that? Oh ye of little faith. I have great willpower. Honest. And while we’re on the subject of honesty…

1. This has a tendency to get a little overenthusiastic in the wildlife border (the border with the small pond). Still, it’s easy enough to pull up. Last autumn I transplanted a few seedlings to some of the other beds. It’s looking rather elegant at the moment, although I should have been a bit more ruthless with one particularly large plant that appears to be loving the extra sun in the err… sunny border. I’ll let a few go to seed and pull up the rest.

2. Also growing in the sunny border is a plant I’d completely forgotten about. A new addition last autumn, the two Camassia bulbs are up and flowering. I’m baffled why I didn’t grow this years ago and more will definitely be acquired.

3. One of the main things I’ve tried to do with our small plot of green is to ensure that there’s scent to enjoy all year round. The Coronilla, Viburnum carlesii ‘Compactum’ and Daphne x transatlantica ‘Eternal Fragrance’ are still all doing their fragrant flowery thing. However, the dwarf Korean Lilac (Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’) is poised, ready to join in the perfume par-tay. 

4. Like Honesty, the Forget-me-nots also have a tendency to be a little overenthusiastic at times. Again, they’re easy enough to keep in check if necessary. Sown nearly 10 years ago, they’ve seeded themselves here, there and everywhere ever since. The bee-flies love them.

5. Whereas I’m guaranteed Forget-me-nots and Honesty every spring, alas the same can’t be said for Saxifraga. I treat them as annuals. This time I’ve decided to plant them in the newly rockeryfied border under the swing seat. Will this make the slightest difference as far as their longevity goes? We’ll find out in 2023.

6. And finally… Tulips. A new batch of ‘Violet Beauty’ was potted up in December. It wowed me back in April 2021 and it’s wowing me again this spring.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (30 April 2022)

  1. An excellent selection. Camassias are performing well here at the moment also. One lesson I have learned about them is that they do far better in full sun. A few clumps in shade here grow tall and weak and always collapse as the flowers open. Yes, I must move them…some day!

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  2. There’s so much to show in the spring that I forgot the camassia. If I think about it, it will be on the program next weekend. The photo with the two-tone forget-me-nots is really interesting. You have highlighted it very well.
    Like last year, I also do like the dwarf Korean Lilac, thin and elegant

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  3. What a lovely six, some excellent photos here Graeme. I love the lilac with the soft focus in the background. And almost the same colour as your pretty ‘Violet Beauty’ tulips. I can’t keep Saxifraga either, but they hate sitting in cold and wet so perhaps they’d do better if you and I took them indoors over winter! I do have a little spot in my Butler sink that needs filling…

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  4. You have reminded me that I meant to include my lilac this week, but forgot. It is smelling good just now. Your camassia is very pretty, I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Meanwhile, the clematis that didn’t appear last week has a very strong, rather too sweet fragrance.

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  5. I love camassia. We have a couple of inherited clumps in the garden, they flower well but are very congested. I’m wondering if they will lift and separate easily. I’d love them dotted through the garden.

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