Six on Saturday (7 May 2022)

It was tough choosing just six today. The garden appears to have moved up a gear, aided by some much needed rain earlier in the week, and everywhere you look there are seedlings popping up and petals unfurling. I’m hoping some of those plants that didn’t make the final cut today will still be going strong next week… if the slimy plant assassins of the night haven’t polished them off. The recent wet weather has provided the slugs and snails with an extra glide to their slide and they’ve been particularly partial to my first Six on Saturday…

1. Narcissus poeticus (or ‘Pheasant’s Eye’) adds some lovely, late flowering narcissi action in the garden. I thought I’d have plenty of time to feature these, but to my dismay a growing number have had their colourful cups nibbled to nothing. Ah well.

2. Fleeting yet fabulously fragrant flowers up next. The buds of the diminutive Korean Lilac that featured last week have now burst open, releasing their heady scent. It’s just a pity you can’t appreciate it digitally.

3. While I don’t give a second thought to wandering around the back garden, crouching down to take photos of this and that, I always feel horribly self-conscious doing the same out in the front garden. I tend to peer out the living room window to make sure nobody is around before venturing out with camera in hand. Yesterday evening, thinking the coast was clear, I opened the front door, spotted someone walking their dog and immediately panicked, quickly closing the door. I probably come across as decidedly odd/dodgy (delete as appropriate). Anyway, as soon as the dog walker had disappeared I rushed out and snapped these daisies with the silvery grey foliage.

4. Then, after a furtive glance over the hedge to make sure the coast was still clear, I decided to risk photographing the ‘Candy Stripe’ Phlox that grows at the end of the hedge next to the pavement. Out in the open, there wasn’t time to dawdle. Photos were taken quickly and thankfully one turned out non-blurry.

5. We’re back in the relative privacy of the back garden for SoS number 5. Do you remember the white Bleeding Heart from Wilko a few weeks ago? Well, it’s looking even better now. A red variety may well have been purchased last Saturday.

6. And finally… Most of the Tulips have gone over. However, ‘Mistress Mystic,’ a shade tolerant variety, was planted in some less sunny spots around the garden. I wasn’t sure about it initially, but it’s grown on me.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (7 May 2022)

  1. Your photographs are lovely – I never would have suspected haste in their execution. You captured the texture of the daisies’ yellow centers beautifully. I must say that the white bleeding heart was a good choice.

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  2. Ha! I know what you mean about the front garden. Not so much here, but in Ilfracombe I was always thinking that the curtains were twitching and someone was saying “she’s out there again, nose in a shrub, and its blowing a gale”. Nice phlox, now I need one. The white dicentra is lovely, such a pure colour. Have a good week Graeme. 🙂

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  3. I’m like you, very self-conscious when I am out taking photos in the front garden. But one week I even pushed through and stood on a step ladder to photograph the cherry blossom. Try chanting ‘We’re all mad here’ when you head out front, it helps. I love your Phlox, I had a white variety in the last house.

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  4. My neighbours have seen me so many times peering at plants and we also have a serious photographer nearby, that I am completely without inhibitions, but I do draw the line on only going out into the back garden if I am still in my dressing gown! You didn’t say much about the daisy with the silvery foliage, whatever it is it is lovely, and I was wondering what my garden was lacking at this time of the year! I shall look out for some so do you have any idea of its name?

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  5. Fortunately I have no inhibitions about hanging out in the front garden with a camera! That is my domain, and amazingly not many passers by even notice me out there! The daisy looks lovely, and the candy stripe phlox is gorgeous.

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  6. The white bleeding heart is lovely. As for passers-by catching you taking photos, be brave! Your photos are are all the validation you need.

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  7. I had to smile at Noelle’s comment, I often pop out into my garden (it is at the back) in my PJs in the morning, usually to fill up the bird feeder. I don’t think the neighbour can see me. I wouldn’t go into the courtyard (front) though. ‘Candy Stripe’ Phlox is a beauty. I shall look that up, is it a low growing one? And the white bleeding heart is so lovely, quite a few SOSers have featured that one. I once had one growing in the front garden of a previous house which was stolen one night! Open garden and on a route back from the pub…

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  8. First, apologies…’s not worth including the lilac because last week it was in full bloom then this week it has finished and the colour had gone before I was organised enough to take a photo.🙄😒 Meanwhile, I tend to take front garden photos fairly early or late in the day but only after a glance up and down the road like you. Meanwhile what a pretty Six-on-Saturday as always.

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