Six on Saturday (28 May 2022)

Apparently I’ve been participating in this Six on Saturdaying thing (a meme created by the Propagator) for 4 years. My, how the time has flown. I thought I’d struggle to find six garden related things to write about each Saturday but, to my surprise, it’s turned out that there’s more going on than I thought, even in the depths of winter. It has proved to be a great garden diary, allowing me to look back at what things were doing this time yesteryear. It’s also rather useful for looking up the names of plants that I’ve long since forgotten…

1. Like this Ixia. Back in the spring of 2020 I planted a packet of Ixia bulbs out in the south facing front garden. None of them made an appearance that first year and I’d presumed that was that. Then, last spring, one solitary specimen popped up. This year? We have two. They’ve grown on me and I may have to seek out some more bulbs when they’re back in season.

2. I also had to flick through some posts from around this time last year to remind myself what variety of Dutch Iris this is. It’s ‘Metallic Mixture’ and I think every single one of them has returned for a second spring.

3. Alas, my next plant may not feature in 2023. The Pyracantha has been trained to grow up against the trellis fence in an attempt to provide a bit of privacy between us and the neighbours. It’s taken 8 years or so, but it’s almost doing just that. However, the aging trellis fence may be getting replaced in the autumn with wonderfully anti-social, non-trellis panels, and I fear the Pyracantha may have to go, or at least get a very severe prune. One of its spiny branches nearly took an eye out the other day when I was pottering around the nearby mini-greenhouse and I sometimes wonder whether I planted it too close to the base of the fence, as it often requires watering during dry spells to prevent the leaves from turning brown and falling off. We shall see. The birds will miss the berries if it is got shot of.

4. Do you remember the rather shoddily grafted mini-standard ‘Friesia’ rose I purchased online during the first lockdown? Well, despite the dubious graft, it survived and is continuing to do well. I’ve not yet succeeded in taking a cutting from it but I’ll keep trying. The fragrance is wonderful.

5. More white up next. A perennial cornflower, Centaurea montana ‘Alba.’ I have a feeling this was originally from my mum who nabbed some from my sister’s garden.

6. And finally… An Aquilegia. There are a few starting to come into flower, but this one is probably the most striking colour-wise. It’s also prone to getting sat on as it grows near a rock that I often perch on to peer into the pond. It may need to get moved – or I may need to find another spot from which to pond watch.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (28 May 2022)

  1. That pyracantha is vicious! We have two long stretches on the back wall of the house which look wonderful at the moment as the are in flower but it needs to be kept very tidily clipped to keep it in shape and to prevent it sticking out and stabbing passers by.

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      1. An old gardening friend used call Pyracantha, and similar shrubs, “the resurrection plant” for, as she used say, those who fall into it are sure to rise again.

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  2. Congratulations on blogging each week for four years. I did wonder at my own madness when I joined this feature in January of all months! But we are almost into June and I really enjoy these weekly posts and I am learning lots of names of the plants that I took on when we moved to this house.

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  3. I’m surprised your Pyracantha sometimes needs watering. They grow along the roadsides here, so you can imagine the conditions they have to put up with. They certainly are vicious but the flowers are very pretty. Your Dutch irises are beautiful.

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      1. Yes, perhaps that’s the answer. I was puzzled by your reference to ‘south’ then I remembered it’s different in the NH. North is the warmest aspect for us.

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  4. When I saw the thumbnails of your Six this week, I was struck by the stunning colours of the Iris ‘Metallic Mixture’ and this stunning aquilegia.
    I too have Ixias but I don’t know where!? The fact of having seen yours this week will certainly make me look for mine this weekend… In any case, I don’t have any flowers yet.

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  5. Happy anniversary, and yes it is a great diary and I find I am often repeating myself so tend not to look back to much. You have just reminded me of ixia, might give them a go again. Lovely iris. And please look before you sit, that aquilegia is a beauty!

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  6. I had the same issue with Ixia bulbs that my son sent me in 2020. Nothing last year and I just left them in the pot over winter outdoors. This year I have several flowers and all the same as yours! I thought there should be different colours, but nope, all the same. The Sparaxis I planted at the same time gave me one flower last summer, nothing this year. Summer flowering bulbs just do not seem to like me. Good to know your Dutch irises have returned!

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  7. Congratulations on your fourth anniversary of blogging. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Better wear safety eye protection when you prune that beast of a Pyracantha. I love to admire them both in flower and fruit in other people’s gardens.

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  8. As you mention, it’s interesting to look back through previous seasons at the Sixes-on-Saturday to see what happened before. I mentioned my tamarisk tree and saw stunning photos of the bright, fluffy, pink feathers. Anyway, that white cornflower is lovely as are the rose and aquilegia. My aquilegia have been going for some time but are not as healthy looking as usual, I may remove a few of them…..if I can dig down far enough to get all the roots out!

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  9. Yes, SoS does help us all keep track, which is the reason I began garden blogging 8 years ago after all. A very pretty aquilegia. Ours are beginning as well and I’ve added some new varieties. Fingers crossed…

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