Six on Saturday (9 July 2022)

A lightning paced, sneeze and you’ll miss it Six on Saturday today.

1. First up Crocosmia ‘Lucifer.’ I think this flowers earlier and earlier with each passing year; although I never check whether this is actually true. I’ve been half-heartedly pulling up the odd clump in an attempt to curtail it’s attempts at world domination, but when it flowers all is forgiven.

2. The Astilbes of short stature, ‘Rock and Roll,’ have returned, although one is looking a little ropey after getting swamped by the Forget-me-nots. I was never an Astilbe fan but this variety, with its red stems, has won me over. A groan inducing Astilbe joke can be found here.

3. After a slow start, Rosa ‘Minerva’ is off. It looks more pink than purple here, and all that rain a week or so ago has led to a bit of rose balling. It has a lovely rich fragrance though.

4. Another late bloomer, this is Digitalis ‘Elsey Kelsey.’ Sown from seed last year, I’d completely forgotten about her. I just wish a few more had made it to flowerhood.

5. Another Rose up next. I always have to look up my old online order to remind me what it’s called. I always want to go a bit Leia-insults-Han-Solo and call it Rosa Carpet ‘Nerf-herder.’ However, it is in fact Rosa Flower Carpet Ruby ‘Noafeuer.’ I was almost right.

6. And finally… Having vowed not to buy any more plants this year, and certainly not a Delphinium for the slugs, I ended up with a Delphinium grandifloum ‘Summer Blues’ last Saturday. I have a feeling I bought something similar a few years ago that never returned. But considering coffee and a slice of cake costs more than £3.50 it seemed madness not to get one.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (9 July 2022)

  1. “Minerve” (neck lace) is a French word that comes from the Latin “Minerva”. You can’t turn your head so she’s pretty!
    These foxgloves make me think of those ice creams you find on vacation with pieces of raspberries. Tasty!

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  2. I love foxgloves so I am drooling over your Digitalis ‘Elsey Kelsey. Thanks for including the Astilbe, I realise that I have one of those, not as good looking as yours, but in there with other plants.

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  3. Another good six, and loved the comparison of the cost of plants to the price of coffee and cake. If I go somewhere where other people are indulging, and when I take water, I feel that I HAVE to buy plants of at least the equivalent! Somehow even if I do indulge, I still am tempted, and find hard to resist plants.

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  4. I think you told us that joke last year and it still makes me laugh! I tried it on the grandchildren with limited success due to the fact I had to explain what an Astilbe was first……meanwhile, my gardening friends appreciated it. 🤣 Delphiniums are lovely and your roses are doing well.

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  5. I love the colour of that delphinium, but I am not tempted. A plant has to be totally S&S resistant to find a place in my garden now. In fact I am considering a complete revamp of the garden, if I have enough energy to carry it out.

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