Six on Saturday: a rhyming one (13 August 2022)

Rain? There’s been nowt and while not officially a drought, my Somerset garden could do with some water. Lovely fresh H2o, reaching roots down below, keeping leaves perky and green like it oughta. Yet alas, we’ve had none, only bright glaring sun, and many plants are finding it trying. And instead of bloomy and fab, the poor things just look sad as they sit there quietly frying.

But enough of my moaning, the other week I went roaming, perusing stalls at a large Flower Show. And yes, I’m afraid a few purchases were made. What was that? Err… no, not a hoe.

1. First up, say hello to this ‘Paul’s Best Yellow,’ a very fine Crocosmia indeed. Let’s just hope it’s not bad, like the orange one I had, taking over the garden once freed.

2. A late flowering Allium with blooms of soft pink, it’s a hit with the bees, providing nectar to drink. Millennium’s its name, I’ve bought one before, and oh heck! Did I remember to close the shed door?

3. ‘Karley Rose’ is a grass I’ve been coveting a while, and when I saw one for sale it was hard not to smile. T’would have been rude not to buy one, right there and right then, and perhaps gentle swayiness will aid inner zen.

4. Another purchase I made was Saliva ‘Nachtlvinder.’ Fingers crossed it survives and isn’t burnt to a cinder.

5. But it wasn’t just plants that were purchased. Oh no! These swallows will hang around come sunshine or snow.

6. To end with, some Tomatoes that were bought back in May and planted outside in a pot made of clay. ‘Sungold’ is a good ‘un with fruit small and sweet and has been positively thriving in this god-awful heat.

Keen for more Six on Saturdays, either now or perhaps later? Then head to the site of the great Propagator (


23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: a rhyming one (13 August 2022)

  1. Lovely sculpture if you call things made of steel a sculpture. Gormley on the corner of the Cathedral in Wells isn’t a patch on these. Nothing quite like a few new plants to boost the spirit. Looking forward to the rare plant fair at the Palace, when Off the Edge Gardening is coming, do you fancy a meet up there?

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  2. I came on that salvia in Lismore Castle Gardens and adored the fragrance from the foliage. It’s very hot here also with hopes of rain now pushed back to Monday morning. It really is too hot to do anything except in the early mornng.

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    1. Yes, the fragrance of the foliage is lovely – almost like blackcurrants (although I wasn’t sure if my brain was imagining that due to the colour of the flowers). It’s far too hot to do anything. I spent 20 minutes loitering in the refrigerated aisles of M&S this morning simply to recover from the walk into town and cool down before an eye test.

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  3. Love the rhymes! Your Six has some really interesting plants in it! Love the Crocosmia, what a gorgeous colour! Salvias should love the heat; they definitely do well here in our summers. The bird sculpture is just lovely, and I love the shadows of the grass seed heads in the background to the grass itself.

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  4. I like it! I almost forgot to admire the photos I was so involved with the poetry. 😉 I have the brown-leaved version of crocosmia in my garden. When we sat out for our dinner yesterday, we remarked that we hadn’t seen many swallows this year – well, I’ve seen some now! Thank you. 🤭

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