Six on Saturday (27 August 2022): a holidaying one

A fairly brisk Six on Saturday today as I have some last minute packing to do before heading back to Somerset after a week of holidaying in Falmouth. Instead of photos of the garden I’m afraid you’ll have to endure some holiday snaps: six collages of gardens visited/spotted over the past week.

1. Mrs OMAHGT and I normally travel to Cornwall by train but a rail strike last Saturday meant we had to drive instead. The journey was relatively uneventful, other than a battle of wits with a satnav that seemed hellbent on trying to send us via narrow country lanes every so often rather than sensible roads (we went old school in the end, following road signs and referring to handwritten directions, ignoring the frequent and somewhat snippy demands of the satnav to do a u-turn). On the way down to Falmouth a brief detour was made to the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

2. Most of the week has been spent in and around Falmouth, travelling by boat, train or foot. This is Fox Rosehill Gardens, a short walk from Falmouth Town railway station. They’re somewhere I’ve never visited before, despite having walked past them numerous times. A few of the paths in the gardens have been made with old gravestones and you find yourself stopping and reading each one and thinking “Gosh, I’m doing rather well to have survived this long.”

3. Next up, a view of some front gardens in an old street in Truro (that’s the Cathedral in the distance) and a cottage in St Mawes.

4. Talking of St Mawes, here are several shots of Lamorran Gardens, a personal favourite. They also offer a selection of hot beverages and delicious cakes (Mrs OMAHGT gave their scones, jam and clotted cream a 10 out of 10 and their carrot cake and coffee was also awarded top marks).

5. Back to Falmouth again. The top two photos were taken at Gyllyngdune Gardens (which provide a convenient shortcut to the seafront, stopping off at the Princess Pavilion for a spot of lunch on the way). The bottom two photographs are of the Queen Mary Garden located right next to Gyllyngvase Beach (the cafe there does a rather nice almond croissant).

6. And finally… a selection of other photographs of Lamorran, Heligan and Gyllyngdune Gardens.

They were my sort of Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Right, time to check I haven’t left anything behind.


32 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (27 August 2022): a holidaying one

  1. I’ve enjoyed this mini-tour of the gardens of west-ish Cornwall. We are going down at the end of September, on the train, and hoping hoping hoping it doesn’t co-incide with a strike. Glad to hear of other fans of public transport, food and gardens. Sounds like a wonderful holiday.

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    1. It was good thanks. Fingers crossed the trains are fine for you (they also managed to pick a weekend back in June to strike when we were planning on a weekend in Bath!) Trains, boats and walking are nicer than driving. If we’re feeling really brave we’ll risk a bus, although they’re always a bit nerve-wracking when you don’t know where the actual stop is to ding the bell).


  2. What a gorgeous collection of photos. I particularly like the first ones, especially the ?helenium. (So looking forward to mine making am appearance). We went to Heligan years ago and loved it: it looks even more wonderful now.

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  3. Wow! You presented us with beautiful gardens! I didn’t imagine that there were such pretty things over there and I’m glad you shared them. Some have an exotic style, others Mediterranean and there are plenty of flowers at the moment. Thanks, enjoy the rest of holidays

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  4. Haha… your SatNav must be related to mine! No matter what setting I put it on she (Florence) is determined that I travel along the narrowest lanes available. Thanks for the look around gardens I have never visited (except LGofH) somehow we never manage to get over to Falmouth. Hope it wasn’t too super busy for you.

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    1. It wasn’t too bad thanks. We’ve stayed in Falmouth quite a bit over the past 10 years. It has a nice feeling about it somehow, with a good mixture of shops and places to eat if the weather takes a turn for the worse, boats across to the Roseland Peninsula and a crazy golf course for my wife near the Swanpool nature reserve.

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