Six on Saturday (3 September 2022)

Well, that’s August done. As an astronomical autumn kind of guy I can pretend it’s still summer for a few weeks yet (although when it comes to spring I’m meteorological all the way). I’m hoping for a final herbaceous hurrah before summer says ta-ta for another year but I’m setting my expectations low given the sorry state of some of the plants at the moment. Perhaps the rain that’s been forecast for the next few days will make a difference. We shall see. Anyway, time for my first Six on Saturday…

1. Acquired as ‘here’s some a nursery raised from seed earlier’ plants back in May, ‘Supersweet 100’ (the red lot) and ‘Sungold’ (the orange lot) are doing quite well. I may go down the ready grown tomato plants route again next year. It’s been far less faffy, if slightly less satisfying, than growing them from seed.

2. The pinkification of the Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanille Fraise’ is well under way. Unfortunately, pretty much everything else in this border (the Hydrangea ‘Miss Belgium,’ Rosa ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent,’ most of the Japanese anemones, the Astrantias, Rosa ‘Violet Clouds,’ and Daphne x transatlantica ‘Pink Fragrance’) is also pink. When I bought ‘Vanille Fraise’ back in 2020 I thought its snowy white blooms would help break things up a bit. And they do. For a while. I just didn’t factor in the colour change later on. It is lovely though.

3. As is Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’ which has just burst into flower and is proving a big hit with the bees. I find myself rubbing the fragrant foliage each time I walk by. It’s also mingling rather nicely with a neighbouring plant…

4. … a self-seeded orange California Poppy that is also proving popular with bewinged six-legged buzzy things.

5. Towering above the Caryopteris and the California poppy (and not blending with them in the slightest) is ‘Alec’s Red,’ a Rose that’s having a second or possibly third flush of flowers. A standard, the perfumed blooms are at perfect nose-height for a six footer.

6. And finally… Some of the Cosmos are wonderfully feathery of leaf but oddly flowerless. Whilst others are rather spindly of leaf yet oddly floriferous. Will I bother with them again next year? Probably.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Right, I’m off to visit the Tower of London (I’m spending a few days in the Big Smoke) but not before I’ve made the most of the all-you-can-eat continental breakfast. Anyone fancy a croissant?


25 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (3 September 2022)

  1. It has been an especially good tomato year here – Gardener’s Delight, as usual with us. In comparison to your hydrangea flowers, ours are all crisp and brown without exception but we have had a night of good rain with more forecast for the weekend. ‘Alec’s Red’ looks wonderful!

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  2. I have been growing the same ‘Supersweet’ toms for years and they are so tasty!
    I see that your Vanille Fraise colours are much more beautiful than mine. The Vanille crushed the Fraise which hasn’t shown its colour this summer (so far). Have a good time in London!

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  3. The problem with growing tomato from seed is that I end up with more plants than I actually want, end up planting or potting them all and then don’t end up giving them the care they need. The best ones I’ve had was when I was working at a nursery where they were started in February, nursed on inside and then actually had time to grow, fruit and ripen.

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  4. I’m all for buying just a few tomato seedlings, that way you don’t grow too many. I see we have both featured Vanille Fraise and a Caryopteris this week though the latter doesn’t belong to me. A very nice plant though and totally loved by the bees. I too have one Cosmos that is wonderfully feathery and quite tall but yet to flower! Very odd as the rest of the plug plants I bought have been flowering all summer. I am hoping for a late summer burst.

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  5. I wouldn’t complain about that lovely pink hydrangea at all…beautiful. I have the same coreopsis and the bees here are appreciating it. I have to admit I haven’t done tomatoes this year and wish I had. The only problem is that whenever I brought in a bowl of freshly picked Gardener’s Delight, or any variety really, they would disappear before they had a chance to be included in our salads. 🍅🤔😯 I’m glad you remember the excitement of each installment of The Potato Saga, this was rather a poor sequel but enjoyed none the less.

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